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Aesop Rock


[Verse 1: Aesop Rock]
Cats had better learn to do the worm before sixth grade
Same age, fix your man's fade and make a mask out a pig face
Cats had better not leave they fitted on the 6 train
Cats had better gimme back my Mr. Magic mixtape
Meditate and get a bit creative with the ramen brick
Cats had better fetch the kid a soda pop and ottoman
Cats had better beeline to the monolith
Cats had better never doubt the dollar bin
AKA the promised land

[Verse 2: Homeboy Sandman]
Cats had better use a word to clarify apartment letter when they place they order
Cats had better keep a pointy thingy close for roaches running in the corner
Cats had better check they change for Puerto Rico quarters
Cats had better change they Brita filters
Cats had better wipe the treadmill down after they use it
'fore I lose it
Never know when you're a goner it's all fate
Cats had better sign they license now, become an organ donor
I'll wait

[Verse 3: Aesop Rock]
Cats had better learn to recognize a po in plain clothes
Cats had better not graduate to what they hate most
Cats had better shout "aight" when Doug E. flip the "ayo"
Better yet take notes on the whole stage show, K?
Cats had better drink up all they Ovaltine
And recognize the flow is more important than the smoke machine
Cats had better learn a thing or two about diplomacy
Cats had better cool it with the “Holy Moses woe is me…”

[Verse 4: Homeboy Sandman]
Cats had better not include me on group texts
Cats had better watch they free hand during group sex
Cats had better inspect to see if the tip is included in the check
Cats had better not smoke in the igloo
Cats had better not fart when they girl is the big spoon
Cats had better throw some water on that wrinkle
And be neat and wipe the seat if they sprinkle when they tinkle

[Aesop Rock]
sh*t is disgusting, straight up

[Hook: Homeboy Sandman]
I'm only trying to help you
I'm only trying to make you understand
That you shouldn't do some sh*t that's wack
You should do some fly sh*t instead
And if you keep doing wack sh*t
That sh*t is never gonna work out well
Wack sh*t is the wackest sh*t as you can clearly tell
Clearly tell

[Verse 5: Aesop Rock]
Cats had better name they horsey Paul Revere
And wear a smoking jacket when attempting to dramatically about face in they office chair
Cats had better not back-up off the triple dog dare
Cats had better stop romanticizing the crosshairs
Aw yeah, cats had better save me a jelly-filled
Cats had better greet me with the theme song from Benny Hill
Draw an arrow through the head of every prez on every bill
Cats had better keep they head and arms inside the ferris wheel

[Verse 6: Homeboy Sandman]
Yo, cats had better that's true indeed
Cats had better with all deliberate speed
Cats had better today
Cats had better right away
Cats had better immediately, repeatedly
Cats had better or risk they won't recover
Cats had better for they own good, and the good of others
Cats had better, motherf*cker

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