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Aesop Rock

"The Explanation"

(Verse 1)
[Aesop Rock]
Most days promote the close range
The city on my back in black with chrome fangs
Walk through the valley of death with no face
Hold flames to the laminate cancel in both names
Hammer of the gods on a hip swung low
With a chariot as only as sweet as the gun smoke
Tugboat lug no weapons stole the front row
One more tekken for the cut throat sections
After you are finished lighting fires on the periphery
You will be told to wiggle your mittens into the pillory
And sip that's bittersweet sh*t
That's green eyes burnt by the prettiest eclipse
Ready on the left for the boom town battery
That shower medicine over the municipality
Of the freaks on the fritz where the scenery depicts
More skulls than a mike giant opening at 6
Some take bones as a token of the glitch
Some cope only if they're opening a wrist
Just when you thought the galaxy out grew them
He is back, gigantic and panicky with the truant
Welcome to the terror dome, make yourself at hellish home
All you need is bread and a zenith to play the Zeppelin on
Skip to the wall all stoney
And hit the deck running like a snow cone at Coney, homie

(verse 2)
Just when you thought it was safe, one escaped
Then multiplied into five personas with fake names
Intimidated for most of his life
Start a world different and spoke as if a mastermind
No hopes, magic for real rusty
Built his walls Rubix, stained glass above
He was a voice of onlooker slander, contempt, malice
Stone throwing promiscuous Abigails in his palace
Unless this was just family, began to be
More of an architect actually fantasy, phantom to be
Army of darkness but light of the eat feather
He's conjurer metamorphosized vials of velvet weather
But like to be cursed but nervous holiday zero
Arise a verbal discernible text holy committee
Most to marvel at lunatic more or like tomorrow like it inside the serpent
The galaxy out grew him but truancy was his purchase

(Verse 3)
So many angles that dangle to try to catch me in a cage
But they caught me in a rage so I'm tearing out my page
Rip skip jump fly run whatever ways
So many ins and outs I’m a rhymer of many talents and trades
Serving up tantalizing condiments is just a part of my days
Touching the keys I make believe I'm standing on the stage
With a light on me put it right on me
Cuz honestly, I'm and oddity, an anomaly
With a god-shaped box inside my chest so spy on me by all means
Get off the grate, hand off the state of mind I dwell in
This mind I'm telling
Get off my case, get off my land, get off my mountain top my man
Adamant conclusion, I use my weapons the basics cause confusion
Avalanches of evolution like ambulances that make execution
Your presence is not needed here, so keep it clear
Keep your fear behind closed doors with your herpes and your cold sores
Burpies and your cold wars, I'm more like a warlock
To keep your windows and your doors locked
Cuz I can fly I am the crow
Melting ice caps f*ck that I am the snow
How are you, this is how I do
Clean the population mind with visions from the skew
A few things I overheard while talking to myself
A few things I overheard while talking to myself
How are you, this is how I do
I clean the population mind with the infamous few

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