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Aesop Rock

"Lotta Years"

[Verse 1]
The kid that work down at the local Baskin-Robbins
Got a tattoo of a lipstick print attached above his collar
I watched him relocating pistachio to a waffle
Thinking I had lost the plot if not the passion for the novel
He asked me what I wanted, I ordered something daft
He said he liked the tattoo Alex drew me of the bats
Thanks; I like it too but modestly confess
In present company, my coloring is not the main event
Look at that neck
The message is immediate, the guy effs chicks
I spent a lot of years making friends with cool artists
So when they drew me tattoos I could truly feel important
Now some 22 year old inside a cube of brick and mortar
Got me questioning my morals and their corny pecking order
I should give a sh*t less
Cherry-No; Whip-Yes

Lotta years
Uh, lotta years

[Verse 2]
The girl that work down at the local juice place
Got a head full of dreadlocks down to her waist
I watched her add the spinach to the ginger to the grapes
My hair was underwhelming, my juice was f*cking great
Some lady orders Maca, compliments the locks
She asked how many years it took the girl to grow the crop
"It took a lot of years and then eventually I cut 'em, kept 'em
Reattach 'em anytime I want 'em"
My mind's f*cking blown
The future is amazing, I feel so f*cking old
I bet you clone your pets and ride a hover-board to work
I used a folding map to find the juice place in the first
These kids are running wild, I'm still recovering from church
You should have seen me in the 90s, I could ollie up a curb
You should have seen me in the 80s
I was bumping New Edition, dragging acne into Hades

Lotta years
Naw mean? Lotta years

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