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Aesop Rock

"Mystery Fish"

[Verse 1]
Tech support, feral army
In a cave on a failed bit of terraforming
Four corners of paranormal
Get shorn for a thermos and pair of thermals
In the warehouse air where his dairy curdles
St. Vincent de Paul trying to square the circle
Circle the source of his power
Foresight born at the corner of Howard on sale
Cherry pick blue in the pale
It's a blue-nose chewin' his tail, losing his coat
Schmoozing a high and head-rush
Hack up bile over H1N1, and then some
One eye on the breadcrumbs
Other eye on the Drencrom
Other other eye on the income
Good knife and a grin
Shoot dice with the lice and the ring worms
Peg leg, smells like Medellin wake in the night
Make a pipe out of anything
Take 5, take a dive in the cellophane
Turn 5 into 5 6 7 8
Back out, black out somewhere fancy
Shaped like the backseat of Aesop's Camry, dude...
Seat full of chips and sandwich meat from the crypt
In the end, if you give an address in a river of p*ss
Don't question the mystery fish
Just picture shrimp on a pillow of grits
Close your eyes, lick your lips
I'm at the cafe ordering a cup of fresh
Sara gave me 2, I gave one to Rex
He said, "Fools ain't sh*t plus f*ck the pigs
They could never understand what Sumner is"

(Word up, word up, word up)
I'm off the grid
I'm through the gate
I fly these kites into the fray
(Word up, word up, word up)
I'm out the box
I'm through the mud
I fly these kites into the cut

[Verse 2]
NorCal fried bacteria
No ID survive the vivarium
Try soft wheels, sourdough and heroin
Eat with the chimera, fly with the seraphim
Might hold court with the cats and dogs
Who hold Kools like an orb in a dragon's claw
In terry cloth robes outside detox surly
Curse at a beat cop, doctor a Slurpee
Adopt no Xerxes, fear no moon man
Stay true like a wolf wearing wolf pants
Oooh, never could avoid himself
For long enough to contain or employ as help
And now he look both ways at the asteroid belt
Buzzed, gross and wholly unloved
Still hear an ex in his head yelling, "kiss the ring"
From a fortune to Fisher King
Or from assisted care, blisters in his hair
New day, new diary of disrepair
Soups on, 2-ton crucifix to bear
No shoes, no shirt, no fiscal year
I said hello to Marshall every morn for 6
He yelled at me every time, that's amore, b*tch
It only took one tooth to crack the bug juice and chug
Turn a bum to a Sun Tzu, it's bug
Outside home is an open swim
Occultism in the throes of corrosive wind
A cold meal with the ghosts of friends
A whole host of meds, a deal on a Tone Loc cassette
I stepped over a body in the door
I pretend he asleep but it's probably more, God damn
Profound apathy, heart with a crack
I'm ships in the night, I'm darts at a map
Word up

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