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Aesop Rock

"Know That to Know This"

[Verse 1: Aesop Rock]

Let me count you up real quick
Harvest morn up, pencils down
Everyone in Oakland

I was in throes of all the gold's legs
Clip clip clop
It was listen to the clock
Would it be a daddy and a belt?
Threw your wishes in a pond
When you visit
Pick an image and respond
Blister in the sun
Kiss it with your tongue
Listen every little signal
Has been criminally expunged
And molested by a symphony of thumbs
And eventually neglected
Here's how the symmetry is won
Fourth Quarter it's Infinity to none
Arms hung through the pillory
And swung until the hickey
And the guillotine are one
Literally calling all heart worms back
From the can from whence you came
Jittery and drunk
Get a grip on the immediate belittling
Triggered from officiated brain
I could uh mediate the little things
Stranger danger the names escape me
And I blaze a mangle
When the self shapes
Bathe in cancel
All the rings made of anvils
You could start a band called the Standstills
Pitter patter ants in the antlers
Animated man hammered in a can shambles
And everybody nuzzled
In the bosom of their handlers
Can I get a gambit or not? Not Dang
Finally met his Waterloo water eater
Recreant that couldn't cut a truth
Here's proof
Not that I need it
Only cuz I want y'all to have it
Know that to know this
Strictly shark tank sh*t

[Verse 2: Dose One]

Throwing sun stone
[?] the fluid out
Know God's touch
Know God's cuts
You know my keyholes
[?] starving artist
Connecting matter to meat word
[?] the last and the sole purpose
Droppin the saint
[?] wait on the date
It's them
[?] hubris attached
Give them something to trace
Who will touch unmovable deathproofable
[?] sh*t out of luck
[?] meeting reaper of day
[?] who break free of contracts
Leaving nothing but justice
[?] and my pets
Hushing the thundering duel
Teeth up, blood out
Shock what you're slumbering through
Overcredit know that to know this
You can buy your time
I'll hunt mine


I commit to sequence of gestures
Side effect is [?] dementia
[?] apprehend offenders
[?] chosen majority
[?] Big shot to [?]

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