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Aesop Rock


[Verse 1]
[billy woods]
Called himself Ishmael when he flipped the fishscale
Slit wide open, pull out the entrails
Stumbled out dark stairwell, light two ounces
Blood filling his J's outside the river houses

Twisting in the south, my hand coiled double helix
Through the looking glass, separated body from the spirit
Light the L, split the veil from the peak of Machu Picchu
To the belly of the whale, sip the grail
Depth charge

[billy woods]
Burst above us, ears covered, dive till hope shutters
No rudder, ambergris whale blubber
The sea is a beast, landlubbers scream for wives, mothers
Bleached bones blown on rocky beach beset by buzzards

Study science of the self, move four to three kings
Cork welts, Orion's belt, still sagging
Lightning pass in a trap house of flying daggers
Feet up on glass tables, feeling fatalistic

Blood in the water
(You dead on this corner!)
Blood in the water
(You dead on the corner!) (x2)

[Verse 2]
Kaleidoscopic, black agnostic
Bought my burial plot on Craigslist, rock bottom discount
Extinction agenda, supreme rallies [?] me
Black hoodie, black Timbs, oh the gods must be crazy
Peonies and daisies, cocaine 80's
Cop killer queen, she raised me from the dregs
Dead lectures on a ship named Jesus
Sinkin' faster, it's all a trap
Atlantic floor to hornet tabernacles

[billy woods]
Off the coast of Formosa, send them to the ocean floor
No mea culpa, send boys to war
Deep water, she seemed gorgeous
Map, they compass, gat in cutlass, boat black as dungeon
Smoke crack pungent
Leviathan looms, a hundred harpoons plunging
The loom winds its way to days of judgement
Your doom finds you lying awake and lunges


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