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Aesop Rock

"Hall of Game"

Hall of Game - Aesop
My style sits on the brink
My life's slived in a blink
My mics spun ’til the greeks redefined dizzy
My city tends to sleep when you walk and
It walks when you ain't with me

[Verse 1]
I write in Blue so I never f*ck up
King felon, dumbstruck
Notice the mandible unhinging as preparatory measure in back burner binge festival
Gobbled up the rook and ran off with the queen pin spectacle
Here’s to the hellbound czars and sharks
The post modernized western burn civilization
We infinite like NY kitchen c*ckroach infestation
Avalanched over your safety dance coma
I lay the boogie deep beneath the porch
Sleep it off and dreams bubbled via German Fat Caps
Snuck off beneath angel feather camo
Some believe we're sheep deteriorating
Frozen picket fence frames
Chest flames, the hazy weight's connected to the chest pain, but
I set a time for two ages to meet the owned and
Try the crop land remanence
Then jam film in the polaroid
I'm like last live specimen
Or rather last specimen to live life with my cats eye on the pendulum
Your cities broke pigpen pedigrees plow pretentiously towards the pigeonholing of a life time
So note the endless dignity sabbatical
Cause mine live in a big bass barrel
Drunk hates the bantam waiters (BUST)
One tribe trapped before the season ended (ended)
Lore to Earthworms, the string game
Paddle upstream like Bronx bound 6 trains
Tryna fill the void, lacking the link in the bliss chain(p*ssed game)
See which Polly Pocket prodigy doctors yacht on the war pig harbors
Unaware the blue bearded run these waters (I know)
I trap clowns leisurely for livin', period
Screaming like they didn't hear me yet

Man I rock New York City all years around
And my name is known, all over the town y'all
The people here love the way I run my game
They can't wait, to see me make the Hall of Fame (2x)

[Verse 2]
Yo its like that cape's pretty
But the float takes merit
Like vagabonds cherish cardboard and friendship
I caught a bland image showcasing the how to leap a freight car
To wait with my chin sitting space bar (know he didn't)
Shovel coal for the slick pistons benedictions (nah don't mention it)
Just bless this pendulum's beetle bailey left right development
Tutor recruiter slap happily oblivious
To Nazi, born again, pagan, agnostic rally
It outside my apartment, by the market
It's in the park, its growing child classic
With an instant indifference to class offenses
He smashed that Perry lunge amalgum pensive
Cuz yesterday I wished upon my eyelash for a stick figure to fence with
I’m salvaged from the chaos of the student tomb
Just scrape the barnacles off my exposure
Graff's badgered latterday pioneer(first post)
First post Big Bang mobile object scoping any social prospects
A smidgen reluctant to f*ck with
Tryna gallop with feet stuck in molasses’s learning curve
(Yeah but the grass is burning)
Classy, the way the horns curl backwards
Excusing soldiers from the table, no care package (care package)
Now when the rabid walk
The slackers get amped the hasten the pacin
Knowing screams are turning cult classics
I’m moving swift but safely through the orange code medley
But discrete. Tryna make my legacy look fresh
Even From the balcony seats

[Chorus 4x]

It goes peace to the Overground
Peace to the Orphanage
Peace to the to Stronghold
Peace to the Hardcore’s finest
Peace to the Adam’s fam
Peace to the Def Jux
Peace to the Rhymesayers
Peace to the Waitlist
Peace to the Brainchild
Peace to the Golden monkey
Peace to the Live spot
Peace to the Head bob
Peace the to Sight Beyond
Peace to the Wax Poetic
Peace to Aes Rock, there I said it and I meant it’

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