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Aesop Rock


D-Up the way to walk is how a bayonet is catered to the palest of horse
And if I haze greenhorns collaterally to cavalry skirting bigger meteors
Please don't read the Beeper's yours
Bigger fish are scissoring the liquid gold to miniatures
Illy to split the integers
And wait, wait
Watch how the werewolves behave
I trained him how to comb his hairy face
Before they dress up like janitors and invade on the slink
Outfitted skippy by the suction cup
Tearing through the air-ducts on the up-and-up
[?] sucks Bic lighter, hairspray
Little vermin wormin' to the animated muerte
Sonny unaware a suicidal summer's here
And incubates the albatross and hangs him off the puppeteers
And you had every honor by your sons and their sons and their sons
This is not how it's done
Do better

I came to wake some snakes
I was in the face of the Ace of Spades
He tell me, "All you people do is just take, take, take."
I figure whats the fun in disappointing him
D-Up ad nauseum

Not exactly war but a place where the people face death like [?]
We could chase anything we want like the world was our oyster now
Pearl got a penny for any jetty the boy's in town
Hound dog the cheater for any beach [?]
Anarchy unleashed with a plan and please keep the noises down
[?] potency and hopefully keep the rodents out
D-Up in the sky and the freedom [?] Bobby wrote about

I came to wake some snakes
I turn my back on the Jack of Spades
Told me, "All these people do is just hate, hate, hate."
I'm figurin' on beatin' and not joinin' 'em
D-up ad nauseum

"Beep" go the beeper on the BB gun [?]
Perforated pig on every twig is poised [?]
Home is where the fever's lit
Contaminated baby hearts
Tap into the pulse of a poacher flank and a matriarch

Sharks rip the middle that dribble into the baby's bib
Party 'til the sun's up with guns up, forget your safety switch

Like a swarming mass of life tucked under any rotting flotsam
Turned excitable and violent when denied a milder option

Lights in the air if its on you can hear the cobble sound
The boots will sing like saints who just hobbled in with their pockets out
It's on across the window open slow and pour this bottle out
These pawns were made for burnin' lets turn 'em into Chicago's cows

I went swimming through the future, future where they just don't grind a bunch of zeros and ones out like they used-to, used-to

Spruce your roofs up, neighborhood let the pain we drip tie a yellow ribbon for pigeons, prisons and Navy ships

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