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Aesop Rock

"WE GOTTA SAVE HIP HOP! (Freestyle)"


We gotta save hip hop, rapping 'cause I won't stop
Hiding from the cops, you ain't never seen a body drop
Literate rhymesmith, who you really f*cking with?
DoubleTripleMonolith, Guillotine Death Grips
Flow is so hot that I call it Lethal Lava Land
Mario 64, desolate wasteland
Motherf*cker tripping like Alice in Wonderland
Clock is ticking, man, with the minute and the hour hand
Motherf*ckers playing me, they say they in a rock band
Aggravating touch, like a child shooting rubber bands
Every time that I flow, b*tches take the witness stand
Like I just killed a man, look it on the other hand
Lyrical master, magical caster
Cooking up the pasta, Crowley Alabaster
Dumbledore headmaster, sticking like plaster
Movie ticket master, weather forecaster
Goddamn, giant clams
(b*tch) I'm an Uncle Sam, David Beckham
Eat you like a roast lamb, wrestling body slam
Do you like Green Eggs and Ham? No, Sam-I-am!
Special K cereal, physical material
Vision like peripheral, dead like burial
Lawyer like trivial, super terriotorial
Spiritual, lyrical, miracle individual
Heavy like a big truck, humor like Donald Duck
Stupid like a big schmuck, leave the crowd awestruck
Brown like a woodchuck, school play, "Good luck!"
AC/DC, rocking like I'm Thunderstruck
Rattlesnake venomous, giving like generous
Vegetable asparagus, Snape like Severus
Identity anonymous, anti-feminist
Shot like Tetanus, mythical pegasus

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