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Aesop Rock

"Hot Dogs"

We're so excited, we don't know what to do
Because we're about to reenter the level above humans

I couldn't have had a better life than I've had in since 21 years
And if it was good here, I know it is going to be good-twice as good when I get up there

This isn't a troubling circ*mstance, don't take it as that-it is just a gateway, just a drawing

W-What we're doing is we're going home. We're going home to those individuals who sent us here to do this task, and this is the happiest and joyous thing that you can-

Raised on dirty hot dog water and popcorn butter
EPMD tellin' me every popstar a sucker
Don't let him smell the potstickers, he'll stick around for supper
He'll stick around for cheesecake, then three days, then the summer
Where spiders eat their mothers, where rodents eat their young
I'm not here to make sense where there is none, that's dumb
My attitude is ghastly, any gallantry been going gone
I think I'm probably a lot like dating Mola Ram, I should work on that
The geezer not a leader, I'm a loner
Lover, believer, upholder of the under
Just not a people person, please forgive me if I'm flustered
I'll save a thousand whales before your grits are even buttered
My name is Aesop Rock, I've been a mess for my entire life
All I know is fight or flight, what the f*ck's a silent night?
Who the f*ck are you to tell me who the f*ck you even are
This is more than band-aids over itsy-bitsy bleeding hearts
This is GNR announcing Jesus Christ on lead guitar
Finding Heather Hunter still inside your college VCR
Mirror mirror on the wall, I feel like a f*cking dog
Something this depraved is not a product of a loving God
Periwinkle Pegasus through rat-infested LEGO bricks
Hug his mother briefly, then we're off to see the exorcist
I will not be checking messages
Why, should I be?

Special is as special does, you aren't special just because
Yes your mother said you was, that's pretty much what mothers does
Someday I might find the pluck to roam the Earth with zero strings
Cut the tether float this feather over eastern seaboard winds forever
Like seaboard kings invested in the the froth and fog
They'll talk of his adventuring and call him things like "salty dog"
He freed like a bajillion prisoners from some secret haunted vault
Always had a L to puff, never yelled "Get off my lawn!"
Full disclosure I don't even have a lawn
If I did I'd probably grow the grass until the house was gone
Kick it ‘til the town forget the address or the house at all
This is how performance art exacerbates an albatross
I should maybe shake some hands
I should turn the music down
Have some people over without asking them to move a couch
But, since you're here I've got this awful futon I could do without
Should take like two seconds...

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