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Aesop Rock

"Kill Switch"

[Verse 1]
This is Minister Metal Foot, treat a pedal like an earwig
And cook off by applying the same logic to the gearshift
Bird of prey circle serf homes like I tweaked
When the beak hit the bones, leave 'em alone
Leaky break fluid but ghost the boy whip swift
Cruise for the unusually mutual shoes
In & out hotstepper lane eat fame
Spit the blinking lights back to the lions Keep the name
Freak the frame Like it lasts without compromising the mission
On guard to peak with the gain the second
The second frame twitches
Which is fine, I learned stay alert early
For the buzzards that burgle the worms know nothing of mercy
Wrote this one in Europe with Walz while his ravi sick at home, It`s killing him
If you can`t identify
Peep, see when you kill the shows, then the bills unfold
And if the bills unfold, the children ain`t gonna pick at bones
Only soldiers shoulders built to carry weight could troop us
Shake a room up scoop the venue phone
1-800 Brooklyn zoo is Kenya home
I mean, it`s love when the screams leave your face
But it`s realer when your seed`s fever breaks
Kid, I got you're family, pull up a chair
I got a little something that I want y'all to hear
There is much greater peace out there still
And if I gotta carry it home in my teeth for y'all, I will

There is a greater love Greater than your papercuts
Greater than the labor Suckin souls out of the razor tongued
All eyes on it
Cut the edge and walk toward it
Water & hot porridge
There is a medicine I know and live
It dissolves and swims between the bones and skin
When the dry walls start closing in
I mosey out to hold the win, kill switch

[Verse 2]
Welcome to sham city limits Let your insects do the walking
Let your indent through the shredder Let your instinct make it awkward
If Gitty in the gauntlet, set the phasers on kill
Cuz the minions that haunt it ain't offered the same pills
My chemical happy squad operate with freedom fighters
Eye of tiger pride prize fight Nighter off a Geiger
Napkin scribble to crack riddles
Fizzle back in after the ax tip rizzle grips actually swivels
And they won't stop asking all the wrong questions
All the right answers for sh*t you ain't find interesting
Hand pull the plug and f*ck it
Make a hundred albums
Not a one for public consumption
Now that's that, good lovin`
Lugging fetus
Feedback isn`t what I got down for

Dancing on the ceiling with that lip On the ground floor
Of the building, You`d leak anything from doc*ment to poison
To stand on your brother`s face and holler buoyant
Float like a butterfly Sting Jackals
You could never shackle
Zooka maggots bring mavericks
Sing a song of sick spit blood in savage
Illin' children, cuttin` papers lilacs in the attic
And I casually shift up These crusaders
Hold a dual saber defense For the cruel natured weekend drifter
Please do not interrupt the placement
Of the steak upon my kinfolk's plate, wait...


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