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Aesop Rock

"She Sonnet"

[Verse One: Slug]
Step, you know the rep
It crawls and creeps
Keep holdin' your breath til you fall asleep
From the minor leagues
We got no time to bleed
You need to open the piece
And quit trippin' over both your feet
Tie your laces before you try to chase
Disgrace don't discriminate
It paints any face
I've been many places
And I made them all to be
You on some fire on the roof
Yes y'all follow me

I've been High Plains Driftin' since the 90's
Cipher backpack with some weed is where you'll find me
I was listenin' to Wu-Tang
Tryin' to do the group thang
They called us Log Cabin
We opened up a new lane
From the Life to the Blowed
I was there for it
Rock Steady, Scribble Jam
All the rare moments
We been in the game so long
But still evolved while all of y'all been singin' the same song

[Hook: x2]
You don't want it
You don't want it
You don't want it
You don't want it
You don't want it
You don't want it
MURS and Slug and Aes
And she's on it!

[Verse Two: MURS]
She told me that she never had someone to listen to
Tried hip hop, but it was hard to get into
They called her b*t*h and it was so disrespectful
She turned a deaf ear and started bumpin' techno
But I apologize
And here's a dedication
I'm not a saint, but I'm really ain't the degradation
f**k a b*t*h, love a woman, that's my new motto
Yeah I'm ignorant
But tryin' to be a role model

Cooled half my life through this home made pipe
Took a left, left, left like I know it's right
And I'm suppose to give a f**k about what you bout?
Isn't it something now?
Shut your mouth
You buggin' out
Yeah, I know we make 'em go nuts
So what
You know what?
Hold up
Don't interrupt the grown ups
Get busy
Twin Cities
When she keeps it pretty
And your CD's a Frisbee


[Verse Three: MURS]
The ultimate
And we're as dope as it's suppose to get
Some say they want a new style
Some say they like our older sh*t
Critics threw their darts at my heart
And I took it
Put it all on my shoulders
But it left my back crooked
Bent, but not broken up
Late night hopin'
Lost with no cause, got my eyes wide open
Schemin' on a dream that's always seemin' to unravel
Cause we caught up with the legions of the demons that we battle

You ain't an artist
You a sc*m bag
Douche bag
Cause when it rains you keep wavin' some new flag
You ain't a critic, just a giant midget
Tryin' to get with any tool to help you climb that big d**k
Well, you can hide behind the pride and guilt
Stand still and deny the time it took to get it built
Or illustrate the definition of Hell
And shape it into whatever it takes for you to feel Felt


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