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Aesop Rock



Got pity for the great 
This city love to hate
Lived my life in the sticks
Pulling knives from my six
Pop it if you pull it
Not scared of a bullet 
In DeKalb illinois
They farm corn and bull sh*t
Im the cream of the crop
They wanna keep me down
But The dream still don't stop
Look down and peep the drop
Trying to reach the top
Just a bump from the edge 
But i keep on climbing 
Just to jump from a ledge 
b*tch i run from police 
And I sprint for my bread
Gunna have time to sleep 
Thats a hint from the dead
Stay Living Like a gun 
Be Pressed against my head
A squeeze of the trigger 
Bullet in my temple
I said f*ck my future
Erase my potential 
Fill the pen with my blood
My heart stay beating to
Fill the instrumental
Its Just me and my weed 
Ive Got the essentials
Go Peep the credentials
You know i got the skills 
I've got an asking price 
Ive also got these bills
Lifes rough keep me faded 
A zip full of the best
My ass ever tasted
And My time is a bag
Can't let it be wasted 
All about my paper
Previously stated 
Im So underrated 
Haters go checking in
Just to see we made it
Official studios
Came up out the basement
Been upping my digits 
Remember when i was
Performing for crickets 
Some Shady promoters 
Still owe me some money
Dont you think its funny?
Now im paid for my shows
And ive toured the country
Cash advance for features
Im living my best life
Hate me from the bleachers
Seventeen, f*ck the judge
And all of my teachers 
Always telling me my
Mind state not in the clear
You can go f*ck yourself
Said i got it from here
Look girl if you stab me
Please just not in the rear
People say im a threat 
Got em shaking with fear
No clue where you talking 
But it ain't in my ear
A mother f*ckers cold
Write locked in a freezer
My life is a movie
You watching the teaser
Its that f*cking red band
Primo f*cking head band
Jumped in this game now im
Living Like f*ck you b*tch 
No clue what i wanted
So i just stuck to rich


n*ggas wanna hate on a n*gga
They ain't even know
But I guess it just how it goes
Smoking heavy smoke
As I'm chilling and making music notes
With my bros
f*ck you foes
I'm always on my toes
Why you tryna slow me down?
Man I'm steady on the go
Whoa whoa
It's Serg on the beat
Mission ain't complete
But a n*gga on his feet
The world so cold
I'm just doing me, why you homies talking cheap?
Let me go and see what the future has for me
We killing the beat
And planting the seed
But where is weed?
Ima be high
Even when i am decease
I am in peace
My spirit released
I am unleashed
So f*ck the police
Im doing my piece
We all be having the key
Just look whats inside
Put that asides
Just put it behind
You got that alright?
I am no lie
So homie decide
This is our time
So Lets not collide
Lets just combine
So we all can just rise
Before we demise
If you deny
Then your not alive
You needing some light
You need a new sight
Infinite time
Can you define what is this life?
God like design
Where evil applys
Always be wise
Cause There not alike
Rolling the dice
Like im taking a life
I gamble to fight
Life ain't so fair
But i I love it alright
Im saying my prayers
And im taking a dare
I am not scared
And im facing my fears
Smoking the wax and im gone like
Im locked in a cell
Ringing the bell
The bigger the harder the fell
Ima set sail
Inhale and exhale
And im out of here

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