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Aesop Rock



[Verse 1: Rob Sonic]
Give me that, ahhhh
Give me that Turtle Neck shirt, a Tin Pan Apple, a German Shepherd
A wristband stance, and a lurching Red Bird
, and more Braves than the Turner network
Alive with a smile and a crazy cadence that flips out if it's face is shaven
And Prince had all the names and places on the tops of the forties by the Casey Kasem
No such luck in the silent scream, hope we die with the needle in the eye at least
Like Jimmy Hart and the Iron Sheik doing the roll bounce, James and the Giant Peach
Whole house like yeah he yells at us, gets fall down drunk but we help him up
Does this thing where he points at his pelvic thrust, and he constantly speaks of Beelzebub
Probably needs to adjust the voices in his head but instead he kind of just enjoys when
They get upset and start pencil pointing at whoever f**king left with the best of Poison
Boys being brought [what we] seven days, in the old world I'm told that the beds are made
Out of headstones, bones and electric tape, now let the bodies hit the floor for the Feng Shui


It’s here, can’t you feel it? This whole room, everything is in color, and I can feel the air, I can see it, I can see all the molecules…
How do you feel inside?

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