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Aesop Rock

"Meter Feeder"

[Verse 1: Aesop Rock]
Bucket-seater theater sucks, I duck and weave
Riddle of the pixelated ticker taking prisoners and a number please
Name and occupation: Aes, I twiddle thumbs with underlings
Orange eyes, head shrunk, age: a million, sex: drugs
Barrel in escorted by a chorus line of bedbugs
Low-tech dreck from his neck out of cement woods
We come in pieces under siege and unwilling
Kicking and screaming, creatures summoned to the feet of the city
As the parking-ticketed guilty, Beetlejuice in the waiting room
Ogling this bird who put the Double D in 'Day of Doom'
Personal space invader dais, pay-to-play-to-lose
If you can see a sitting duck grow up into a baying wolf
Teller Number 7 looking weathered
Like a decade in a glass box yelling shook her feathers
Utter "Unto thee I surrender mine flesh!"
She said "Put the yellow sticker on your fender - Next!"

[Verse 2: Rob Sonic]
Gotta fly in the morning, better pack a potato
Raging Bull, Mack truck, leather bag, and a raincoat
Curse of the slain goat feather, ticket in late row
Double Jack drink, six minutes to gate close
Excuse me, Doug E. Fresh, I'm lost
Part bad rabble the raffles the rest off
Dollar down Noah that goes to the great flood
With a Styrofoam finger making it rain ones
Take-down bank job taking a blank check in
Pine bluff Slim Jim, Jameson, John Lennon
Uncle Bobby blasted in back of the wrong wedding
Cause I came for the food but I stayed for the prom dresses
One-block cabby: “It's gonna be $6.80"
No sh*t, your tip is go hunting with di*k Cheney
Slow to let the dogs out, quicker to finish Halo
That all-black tints and pimpin' the Winnebago

[Verse 3: Aesop Rock]
The stray cat, dirty finger nail rap scurry
From the slash-proof straps of his crail tapped gurney
Awestruck, cough guac over scaled back mercy
And blast off, casting aspersions overtly
Parry absurd curfew, eager to go invisible
Sunday drive disfigured and growing tentacles
Root down to the brackish water
In a speed trap pro demasking marauders

[Rob Sonic]
Post office locked like it's jail time is setup
Day-labor dimes with the climate of club fed up
Walking with a panther chilling with a house cat
Till somebody patents building a better mousetrap
Out back staking his claim to deep mining
Bribed by the sheriff with tariffs that keep climbing
Blinded by the light of the 5 train to Dyer
Hook, line, and sinker? Horse, main, and sire

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