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Aesop Rock

"Happyland Disco"

Verse 1:
Cut it out
Let him work
A sleepy little order
From a sick chauffeur

Easy on the airbrush
And print toner
Let the blood drip out of
Where the windows were

Sent him flowers
And of course a vase
Take off the moulding
And pour the paste

In the shapes of a halo
And sword encased
They don't see the scar tissue
That adorns his face

Torch the place
When the job is fin
Steel toe Moccasins

Monster trucks and oxygen
In the house
If you asking where The Bronx has been

And it's a certain glow
A wooden leg earned in the service so
Brought to you by viewers with the nervous nose
That ran away to put the ring upon the circus folk

Be a j*rk
And get beaten up
From years of the heathening
And easy love

Pumping gas
In an evening tux
I'm on a date in a trailer
With the pizza cook

Creepy stuff
Like The Walking Dead
Beam me up Scotty
Better call the vet

I let the dogs out
In the hall and went to get them
But there's nothing left
But paws and heads

Hear ye self committed
Ghost bunk jump
With your Elvis image

Planes, trains, cars
In a swell position
Cause you're a customer to me
And my name is Del Griffith

Button with a curtain hook
One time only
And first afoot

The bill on the block
Full of furnace soot
See if you teach a man to fish
He better learn to cook

(Happyland Disco)

Verse 2:
Like god is your name
On a W-2
A lime with a thorn
On the tongue of his shoe

A minor with a match
And a month in his room
And a hundred dollar bet
That he's hustling you

What to do
With an hour to dawn
Time card punch
With a couch and a yawn

Girl sick spit
When she mouthing your moth
Looking at my Gucci
Is bound to get pawned

On and on
To the epicenter
Of this year's
Number one weapon vendor

Park in the rose
With his engine tempered
With bars in his throat
Like a Pez dispenser

And all my colleague's grip
Coat hang slang
With the Poligrip

Billy milk cotton
While his Collie sits
Begging for a part
And got Dolly's tits

Now when the ship's in shape
Doughnuts gone
And the kicks displayed

And the diction crave
I'm on a Land Yacht
Listening to “Wind Parade”

How much longer
Till the cops can news you
Climbed in the Starbucks
Talking stupid

One large pot
With your stock computer
Cause you hot for the teacher
But she hot for tutor

(Happyland Disco)

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