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Aesop Rock

"Know That To Know This"

[Aesop Rock]
Was in the throes of Rome with goat's legs
Clip clip clop, it was misfit o'clock
Will it be the batty in the belfry
Or witches in the pond if you visit pick an image and respond, blister in the sun
Kiss it with your tongue
Listen every little signal has been criminally sponged
Or molested by a symphony of thumbs
And eventually neglected
Here is how the symmetry was won
Fourth quarter it's infinity to none
Arms hung through the pillory
And swung 'til the hickey and the guillotine are one
Literally calling all heartworms back to the can from whence you came, jittery and drunk
Get a grip on the immediate belittling
Triggered from a vitiated brain
That couldn't mediate the little things
Wait...stranger danger
Your names escape me in a blaze of manga
When the cel-shades fade and cancel
All the rain's made of anvils
You should start a band called The Stand-Stills
Pitter patter antennae, antlers
Animated man hammered into canned shambles
And everybody is nuzzled in the bosom of they handlers
Watch: can I get a gambit or not?
Dang, finally met his Waterloo and what are you
The recreant who wouldn't cut a tooth
Here's the proof
Not that I need it, only cuz' I want y'all to have it
Know that to know this
Strictly shark tank sh*t

To throw it son, stoned, frozen, low the omen
In the blued out and opened up above my Oakland knowing
No gods touch what no gods clock
Cuts a killer free type locked
Been bent seen all my keyholes clot
With stern earnest
And anti matter a me worded
Ten hard in the blast furnace
Of last and a sole purpose
Berserked of make
Dropping the safe
On this wink of awake under date…in a yolk
Beside a blank for your signature
Isn’t the business a dead heading a customer bit of a
Undoing a kid by the dream stem
It's Them and Aes back to put the heroes to tests
Then give em something to trace
They fear where we best
Ears can get stretched, heads we will touch
With the undoable deathproofable eye tooth and a shiv out a luck
Believein-in lead leaver, the-mean-it-reaper, a day eater
Who’ll break fever, contract, sheep or a dive speaker
In the name of the ant and the seeker
Bane of the can’t and the weaker
Doing his dutiful ether
Nothing but justice
Death loves this
And life pets it
To illuminate aaaayyythang this side of the exit
Quit hushing the thunder in you
Teeth up blood out
Shark what you’re slumbering through
Or regret it…

Know that to know this…
You can buy your time, I’ll hunt mine…

[Chrous: Aesop Rock & Doseone](4x)
I commit to a sequence of gestures
Side effect of a deep-end dementia
I commit to a sequence of gestures
Know that to know this
We’re cutting it open and have chosen to throat it to the shark

I commit to a sequence of gestures
Act (?) quick and apprehend offenders
I commit to a sequence of gestures
Know that to know this
We’re cutting it open and have chosen to throat it to the shark tank that wrote it…

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