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Aesop Rock


[Hook: Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic] x3
We got no rules in here
One by one, we're losing here
Reckless, stressed, and super weird
With heavy heads as souvenirs

[Verse 1: Rob Sonic]
Bobby bananas foster
Intense like a campers crossword
Slicker than some pants he bought for
Dinner with the Manson lawyers
Dippin' on some two-for-Tuesdays
In excess of the moody bluejays
A dead limb from a jewel removed
Way back when he used to make suits with Kool-Aid
Cold cuts with the Blair Witch spare rib
Post up with the Maryland Terrapins
Donuts in the derelict airship
That he stole in a moment of some barely-there sh*t
Spit take the tobacco cancer
Switch blades with a pack of panthers
Just wait 'til the captain answers
And we all give way to the jack-o-lanterns
Naughty nurses cursing loudly
Gassed up from the bourbon bounty
Like she don't give a burp about me
But she still get low by Bergen county
Let me clear my name and bury
This hatchet in your caged canary
With a cape and hair piece
Buenos Aires like ‘Collect call for Agent Clarice’

Hey motherf*cker (x9)

[Verse 2: Aesop Rock]
This year halloween fell on a weekend
Vacate shells in a heat lamp
Free man teeth on a five finger meal plan
Knight might go Sistine with his free hand
King of the keypad, egad
Please be careful
Can't trust Weasley or werewolf
Batman, yoda, luigi, scarecrow
Out from an evening of air holes
Into the fray, deadly dipsh*ts
Raised on blades in a red delicious
In the end it wasn't about pez and licorice
It was children engaged in obsessive mischief
Like black Jansport crammed with an arsenal
Of egg cartons and barbasol
You're in the army now
A hierarchy of hazing
Partly a comrade, partly a play thing
Heart with a place for the guard
Who execute grace with a X-ed out face
Still, even at the mercy of beautiful masks
Here's how I further detach
Under a burgundy moon
Out from the wings
Off with the veil
Off with the skin
Tossing his bones in the wind
Everbody goes home in the end

[Hook] x4

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