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Aesop Rock

"The Red List"

[Hook] x2
Bleak readout
Leave me out
Speak freely then be out, be out, be out
Be out, be out, be out
Be out, be out, be out

[Verse 1]
[Rob Sonic]
We been at odds with our sins
We seen 'em crawl from the deep
We went too far, then we came back
And now we're falling asleep

[Aesop Rock]
It's been a shadowy war
It's been a horrible year
It's been the corner of adored
And feared in fourth gear
Part bear part...

[Rob Sonic]
...barely there in rare heirlooms
Eyes like the size of an urn in a smurf's spare room
First dig it's weapons and low fives
And the rest get to sweat and peck at their own eyes
Pass out...

[Aesop Rock]
...Hash browns over home fries
All spinning bowties and hideous bone piles

[Rob Sonic]
Close to the cloak and joke with a broke style

[Aesop Rock]
No smile hotel robe in the bulk aisle
Hail Mary on a hell-bound round-trip
Clack horns with various rebel outfits
Marginal charisma lived over brownies

[Rob Sonic]
Lived over Jewson's with the reubens and the house thieves

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
[Rob Sonic]
We been a mouthful of beer
We been a down on our luck
We been an out on our ear
In theory louder than f*ck

[Aesop Rock]
It's been a hole in the head
It's been a series of gaffes
It's been a missionary meddling
In mysterious craft
And three the hard way

[Rob Sonic]
March into harm's way, so what?
Hem and haw getting all "our day will come"
With barmaids that cuss and come from the rough side
Where they shrug at the fuzz and bust like a cup size
Just die

[Aesop Rock]
Punks run from the unkind bloodline
Sock full of drugs on the one nine, dumb high

[Rob Sonic]
The moonshine runners with their buckets full of mudslides

[Aesop Rock]
Ten erratic moods that commune around a plus sign
Vulnerable species, life on the red list
Poached in the city now he hides in the wetlands
Monologue on a cross doing headstands

[Rob Sonic]
From the coast where the goats grow up with a deadpan

[Hook] x2

My DJ is Whiz, when he plays he wins, he go

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