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Aesop Rock


[Tame One]
I was probably on Molly the day you saw me
In Little Bricks gettin' piffed, grinnin' and sh*t
Cheesin' like dip that come with your chips
This b*tch I was with wanted a clip
Running and sh*t, just spent a hundred and six
On sniff straight from the dip
And this a fifth trip
The whole strip know what I came to get
It's just how much and who got it
Dimes and nick's, gp twenties with blue caps
Pretty rock bottles of crack
Two for five, five for twenty, buy four, change back
She bought a bundle for her uncle that
Nods, scratches, and mumbles at her
She treated me good for some good weed
Just happy, runnin' with rappers
After she copped, back to the spot, I did me
And she did her, yes sir, and then she did me
Swallowed my gunk, gave me money for the blunt
Stood out front, lookin' like the first of the month
Yet I came, but I kept ma's change
She wasn't beat
Ran through another magnum family pack and hit the streets
Trickin' without a treat
Is like a chicken without a beak
You could eat, but don't make a difference
Cause all you want is the meat
I'm a man-whore, situation pimp

[Breeze Brewin]
Some girls goin' from former I wanna's
To becoming a bum and
To that never respectable
Hella a receptacle for somethin'
Sleazy little Molly, probably easier than Holly
Harvey maker of skate is coming
Now you gotta take a nut, and hey it's nothing
Hey it's nothing
As long as she get to take a puff and
Has a chaser cousin, Molly ain't for fussin'
But bust it
Really game sloppy yall
See, that dame is Molly Marl
Swimmin bout' how she used too
When she she gettin' abused dude
Maybe Molly plannin'
For something like Molly Shannon
Here she talkin' she a superstar
Be for real
That stupid broad just a ski bunny
Forever that ass too dusted
But best believe honey is ready
For bathroom bussin
Hardly Molly Ringwald on some pretty in pink
Are you kidding me?
Take another image like Molly's chin
Balls a good combination
And now we talkin' a winner
And that's off in the center
Of wild hood conversation

[Aesop Rock]
Molly took the leather and tail and the folded overcoat
Loves me, Loves me, not a toke to the motions of the game of dosey doe
I was in the stomach of the briar patch mystified
Firing on all cylinders
Highly of the miserables
Hazy sh*t of the ray on highly poisoned vegetables
Molly called the pest control
Said, "It made me less alone"
That's how the mention go
It's every message pretzeled up, it's telephoned
To special pen the end result
Anyway, Molly, just keep your cabbage in the envelope
And I can show you god and every smoking, broken vestibule
Took me to the catacombs, spread me to the seance
Line and dine the tables with butcher paper and crayons
On some... f*ck sh*t with a kid it's a all gumsh*t hellabalu
Lunch and dinner, giddy up into the oven with you
That's Molly f*cking with you
That's how the tables turn
She front that hubba hubba she just wanna make you squirm

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