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Aesop Rock

"Table Talk"

[Intro: Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic]

I work well when the air is heavy
Everyday before the roosters ready
Won't see a break till the day gets done
Till the stars cut cake and the moon get some
And when it does then I’ll do what I can
To offer it a place in the space at the end
Lead water war and a portion of bread
And a pocket full of stones it can toss at my head

[Verse 1: Rob Sonic]

Leap awake shake off the chill and
Won’t stop marching my arches are killing
Spill a little more when the martyrs are trained
Willing ready able, cable armed ready aim
Stain glass pain killers copped
Rain coat game then complain when it stops
Vein dry I.V drain tiny drop
I’m thinking I can save all the saints who forgot
How to pick a weapon apart with your teeth
In a dark alley blind when the targets retreat
Park, repeat, Parkinson tick
Made it to the movies with a marketing trick
Come home greasy buckets of fried
Fox in a box and a tux with a tie
None will be the wiser or struck with surprise
When we rock through the roof when the trucks have arrived
"hold it down" alright f*ck it, no one here is in ear shot of it
They’re all talking beer and the tied up luggage
Did you hide the knives by the dry rub bucket?
Lead um out single file, tell them why the kids gone wild
And when they try to get up with a dressed smile
Get fed up and think of gitmo style

[Bridge: Aesop Rock]

We can take this all to heart, little by little we can fall apart
Or we can let um find our kind
In the back of the bus near the firing line
Or we can give um one last hope
Then push them off of the back of the boat
Or we can give them wings and a couple of tries
To let um figure out how we got this fly

[Verse 2: Aesop Rock]

Pass the peas, mash and the beans
At a rally to gather his faculties
A little dog-day tension elude detection
In the pews of the die-with-your-boots-on section
Who's on first
What took 2 with a fusion of thirst and a punk jump view
3, Mallon with no regard
Beyond full house clubs over lonely hearts
I'm on cruise, the devious rhyme
And rooster sauce
And still never cut the boosters off
Until a room of consumers and moody Veruca Salts
Can overlook a little whooping cough
We all cooped, up, loops, drugs
8 bit-crowbar loosen the drums
And become best friends like a noose and a lung
Or cooter removing a duke from a truck
Beep beep why y'all so slow, ok here's how the blitz gon' go
The second the poisonous sun is gone
I want silverbacks on the Jumbotron
My bad if Columbo's on, we don't plan really these things very well
Arm in the sky, one to the side, why
That spells L, take one and resign

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