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Aesop Rock

"Final Frontier (Remix)"

[Intro: Blueprint]
Yo! From the top!
Alright, okay
This is how we talk sh*t for 8 bars at the beginning
My team always winning
In the front row, grinning

[Verse 1: Blueprint]
We breathe adrenaline and exhale acid rain
Play with broken glass, shake off the pain
We roll on you fast, take off your gold chain
We take, all the cash, we take, all the blame
We move, all the merch, CDs, and shirts
For you, this is a game, but for me this is work
I clock in
Soon as I step on the stage
I get paid when my record is played
The 'Final Frontier'
Is when you master the stereo mix and twing
Snares and kicks like hands and fists
So when you know, let the next man diss
But act like you don't care one bit (ha!)
See 'em around, give 'em a pound
And when his hand extend, you crack a smile
And punch him dead in his sh*t, see, ha
Soul Position in, sole possession of, pole position
Hold your breath and listen

[Hook: Blueprint]
We're here!
The final frontier!

[Verse 2: Vast Aire]
We're here now n*ggas..
Man, damn these hoes
Smack a herb in his face and strike a b-boy pose
With a little alligator shirt, don't make me
Spit a verse with the subs all bassy
I been doing this since 10 years old
And ever since then they wouldn't leave me alone
You know Ox is so far you can't see the throne
You're lucky, if you peep my ankle
Your girl's hands, she's grabbing her ankles
Working my box spring and singing the Star Spangled
b*tch I ain't a patriot! I'm more like a jet type
That'll hit you with a lead pipe, if the stats don't land right
n*ggas try to kill me but I caught the kite
(That's why) They say "they're here" like Poltergeist
We're here n*ggas!

[Hook: Blueprint]
We're here! (Hey Rambo, get outta bed.. go to school..)
The final frontier! (Alright.. set it..)

[Verse 3: Aesop Rock]
We breathe adrenaline, Rambo crime Mega Man dust
f*ck computer, I'm 21-bazooka tooth salute
'Plan 9 from Outer-', with a BK-wild hooker out the silo
You can file the 'Frontier' under 'Final'
Vinyl-killer fame, zig-zag brain companion
Tested positive for riot mouth and pled 5 on the damage
With a curfew in the city (right?)
Liberty and justice
Plus Timmy's stuck in a ditch without his dog for once
[Park?] blood in a sink, and then my lung out of a fiery speaker
I like how the emphysema leaks over your [liters? leaders?]
Gatekeeper, [pleats?], receivers, & bum aqualung
Where vertebraes are optional, personally I rock one
Personally, I'm Loch Ness; breakwater prickly spine, and bad options
[Riddle Aes' Rizzle a similar bad doctors?]
Blastoff geyser, back to the crafting and the last lost [fiber?]

[Hook: Blueprint]
We're here! (..b*tch.)
The final frontier!

[Verse 4: Murs]
First time I grabbed the pen, [the guess is the beginning zen?]
It's in stores now motherf*cker, pick it up!
Braces still flipping up like Pac rolling his grave
Ever since he left these pseudo-thugs can't behave
They use his name to support frail frames
If it wasn't for them bodyguards your ass would get maimed
I don't play the strap game
I play that bring the bullsh*t to wax and get slapped game
So f*ck a fat chain
I'm bumpin' Bad Brains, or something that strange
While playin' Max Payne - my hood plays the crack game
I'm just a ghetto geek, blessed with the gift of speech
So I can quote Howard Zinn, put a fist to your cheek
Hit rock bottom, french kiss the feet
And make victory my b*tch by the end of the week and...

[Hook & outro: Blueprint]
We're here!
The final frontier!

We're here!

The final frontier
Stop talking sh*t
Learn how to rap first
The basics
Def Jux
Yo, Soul Position
Rjd2 on the tracks..
With his happy ass..
Peace to Ramble Krohn..

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