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Aesop Rock

"Which Way is Up?"

He woke up, sweat got him soaked up
Looking like he spent the night getting hosed up
Smoke a butt, lit it off the stove and rush your focus up
When they breaking bread they never broke enough
Just another day of waiting for tomorrow
Situations got him pacing at the crossroads
Face full of nostrils
Heart beating like you getting chased on that cop show
He's sick of getting cut short on the stick again
They sittin' pretty, but won't let the business in
Projectin' bricks of aggression
Protect your section, don't covet the next man's
I know you frustrated, must hate it
Maybe stuck in the ditch when the revolution's updated
Some make it and get upgraded
Every little prick wanna f*ck Lady Luck butt-naked
That's why I overreact
Like you opened your lap and gave birth to a swarm of rats
Somebody should have warned your ass:
Its worse to crash than to run outta gas

[Aesop] Go real
[Slug] Forever stuck like a tattoo
[Aesop] No meal
[Slug] Go check your gut and snap-to
[Aesop] Don't feel
[Slug] Getting up under a bad move
[Aesop] So deal
[Slug] Get the f*ck outta the vacuum

[Aesop] Go real
[Slug] Can't thief advantage of
[Aesop] No meal
[Slug] Can't eat handshakes and hugs
[Aesop] Don't feel
[Slug] Can't sleep so take them drugs
[Aesop] So deal
[Slug] Can't see which way is up

Boar's head helmet, long in the tooth
I walk a three-headed dog, I call him "Duck, Duck, Goose"
Ooze through the cookie isle hands down marvelous
Possibly escorting hundred-handers outta Tartarus
Man's damp claws stack adorable cash
And flip a cardboard crown like a spork in the mash
Two knees knock on a tucked tail
Swan song wrong, flower-topped thumbnails
Pop the mop one hotel robe and a Plymouth duster
Eighty sixed from his given infrastructure
Beard to his feet that filter his Hail Mary's
In the company of cartoon stars and canaries
Kid Schroeder, ivories picked over
Parts marched out to sea on sick shoulders
Broadcast images of 3D art littering the diagonal arrow on your bleeding heart sticker
People of Earth, we are not as we are seeming
The radio is on but the dialogue isn't breathing
That's why my people drive along leaning
Back into the fires that forged the whole evening, speeding

[Slug] Go real
[Aesop] Cruisers get excited on the turnpike
[Slug] No meal
[Aesop] Ticket, no brakes, no birthright
[Slug] Don't feel
[Aesop] Nothing. Sleep days, work nights
[Slug] So deal
[Aesop] And stay the f*ck outta the search lights


Go real
No meal
Don't feel
So deal

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