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Aesop Rock


Cameras or guns one of y'all is gonna' shoot me to death
Just know that sh*t

I take it easy...(x4)

[Verse 1]
Upside-down I pick wings from beetles
Pry 'em out and pin 'em to the pole over the see-saw
Sofa cobra shimmy out crater
Cradle my weight in double wishbone suspension
Versus AM clock radio bangers

Downside-up in crippled acres
And still the fountainhead spittles sniglets
Quicker than quidditch seekers snatch golden snitches
You could be a part of it
Just park your bark at 20 paces
Hold this target and we'll call this b*tch a partnership

Man! the city bred the brittle cheapo
Little Lego people squeezing little Lego Polaroid in keyhole
Media breather needy burrow to hide all
While you friends and neighbors press stethoscopes to the drywall
Curl a worm tongue tight, bitten behind the vamp chopper foaming
Lamb choppy sock puppet fear and loathing
Need phoners a.s.a.p. to build careers out of misquoting
So I read Aesop interviews and get schooled on my own motives

It's a pocketful of nickels, like Cool Hand Luke decapitating
Parking meters when the pigs blew the whistles like windmills
I went to jail overnight for putting a sticker on a phone booth
Now in the time that you did the paperwork
How many'd the rapists merk?

Panicky banister silver surf over the wobbles where the potholes
Be the ulcer in the stomach of the God show
You blinded by the light you might just plummet through the cosmos
Meet Apollo sandman function before the whore hit the high note

I take it easy, the ice is thinning in the valley of the jeep beats
And when the freaks come out I hug a TV
Somehow a channel zero bender's less creepy, it's bliss
Repeat with a twist...
When every martian in the market holler feed me
The all-city opinion spigot leaky
You learn more when your mouth piece retreat, it's bliss
Now listen to this...oh OK
All day every day, oh all right, all night every night

[Verse 2]
Whose capitán gon' spew stale venom? Not mine...
I hug a hammock in the bedlam
And when the potentially lucrative race horse gets deaded
I'll wake up for a second to help the betters count their blessings
But I cannot Cratchet crutch the Ebenezer limbs much longer
Flaccid flimsy songbirds, classic dizzy wrong turns
For the long term got a dragon all achy
Torn between the lending of a helping five knuckles
And a charter your own escape
Now it's like, sufferin' succotash, bucko, ducks in the chuckle patch
10-4 on that, stinger operation, wingman double back
f*ck it, Let him roam the home of the mange ridden emaciated
Slave pain cave children game
Not all players heal the same!

Learn it or don't learn sh*t
My radio is on regardless
I tune out pardons and tune in starlets
Carbon and pre-David/Goliath live Paleolithic bias
Who walks on all fours dragging the cadaver of King Midas
Now it's Thor dwarf war hammers, Elvin bow and arrow aimers
Doc*mentation of the rate at which narrow tapers
Hermit crab, honest cat, trying to raise the roof in my own TV room
And still get the security deposit back
Call Ripley, Skippy
Motorhead dope fixture on some 'Go to bed, no dinner!
Hold your head, cold winter!'
Ease up out of the ghastly, desert dozer cliques stranded on cloud 8
Proud of their pogo sticks, I stay left
Along came a spider, sprung and alert, I stay def
He makes records with his tongue in the dirt
Suffer the dirty earth crisis with a license to flirt
Buffer the mighty tighty sequins with a price on the merch
Covert Mr. Blizzard shoulder, he always acts all p*ssy
Plus your friend said I was an as*h*le when he met me
No bad moods aloud when you're in the public eye
Kill it, you are the weakest link, goodbye


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