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Aesop Rock

"The Tugboat Complex Pt. 3"

I could make 'em all dance, or I can sleep
I can walk with a limp and make your step feel incomplete
People are made of match sticks, life is bred of flames
Noted the craft work bore the last smirk of the Damien mainframe
My boxcar siphons third rail juice from lost poets
Inhabit ocean bottom with a bin of rotten scapegoat pardons Note to self:
Don't bargain at martyr parliament rallies
Where participants squeeze in last giggle then widdle sacrificial finales
I can tie my bootlaces alone, save the knee deep offerings
Sorta brings you coughing bunk persona to light
I might, Build anti-malignant railroads, find you, and lay tracks adjacent
Just to scream "f*ck off" as the engine pulls out the station
What should we do with a thousand drunken sailors?
"Kill 'em all, locate their family address, release a mailer:"

(Dear Sir or Madame, your son or daughter's embarrassed humankind
Consuming booze and gut-fuel, till their cruise had crossed the line)

I spin gold
He bats a dirty lash toward the nursery class act impressionable bubble
(Y'all could've been more subtle when polluting paradise gene puddle)
Man, huddles make us look like cool peeps and I'm trying to school sheep
Toward the right idea, see ya
This basic divine subsidiary buffs gunner syllable logic, fold origami
Plantation shut
Does this picket fence hang on to your dreams kitten?
You'll probably never hear this song
Let alone sip the mission long enough to listen

(I smoke cigarettes down to filter, smoke the filter down to space
Now I'm gonna roll this question tight and smoke that sh*t up in your face
Now if you were to alter masks every time fame circus approaches
Do you really think your maker wouldn't notice?)

Okay, I've died a thousand, and I'll die a thousand more
I leave footprints in fours, two for bipeds, two more to break the door
You can practically caress the utterings of crushed by drudgery
Brothers and sisters mothering stickler cabinet, mad and sh*t
I'll fix your wing for a penny and a parable
Yeah, but this friendship sunk with a barrel full of tarots pulled
Snake eyes harbor bad shiners
Then wonder why the cauldron sitting at the their rainbows ending
Rocks garbage bag liners (garbage bag liners)
I sat to breathe. Adam and Even without the Apple seed's useless
(I sat to breathe) Bashful boredom crafts a castle out of toothpicks
(I sat to breathe) I breathed too hard nearly, metamorph castle loose pins
Now I stand to breath as not to disturb the plumage
And I know that sob story, it no longer turns my stomach
Hollering wolf in the form of one frustrated culprit
Caught a love tap full of washed up stardom, melted trying to milk it
Win a ticket to ride white lines highway sideways knelt it, smelt it
One love to the rungs in my ladder, one love to the gathering of
Laughter baths that hung from my rafters
See the jackal met the badger, they were both such f*cking bad asses
That clashing wouldn't make sense (hence my tape deck)
Now I ain't gonna name names, and I ain't gonna drag others in
But I ain't about to say that I'm the only catch you got bubbling
You're lucky, somehow you've managed to befriend some good people
Who will sit and soak the evils you secrete, but why? I'm not really sure

(Knock knock. f*ck off. Kicking his lip across the floor
'til the archival vinyl venom soak the lure
Anti-clarity mechanism spit flattery burners
Fusing a million majesty murders, then stole your crown)

Oh wait, that's right, you discovered me right?
Offered up the peace pipe
Then oh, it's all cotton candy when Aesop rocked a b-line
He's acting foolish left in the middle of laying bricks
(but we weren't building nothing but a great wall around these stones and sticks)
Oh and for the record I've been rhyming since me and Andre thought we could freestyle
Built foundation out passion and brother's dusty Tascam
Studied dope rappers, vocab expansion, poems, syllable placement
You just mad because somewhere in there you came and went
(And I ain't the type to dwell) Dismissed it as casually non-compatible and bounced
Obtained status where I could straight objectively critique your after projects like
'Oh that sounds fresh' or 'Damn that sh*t is garbage, what happened? I'm not even laughing'
Yeah, but the barriers were broken (you choked)
You choked a few comments to the wrong Vulcan who out of respect and honor leaked your program
Now like were, both trying to sit and breathe another dawn so my advice
To you is when I say "move on" just move on

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