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Aesop Rock

"Kill ’Em All (Remix)"

When you see my foot rapidly tapping upon the floor boards you should take it as my not being amused with the display
When you feel my finger rapidly tapping upon your skully you should pack a bag with food and clothes and walk the other way
It's now for the crumb bloodhound serendipity movement
Alien a triplicate stooge counter culture
Forty first thief dispatchee, they shake a stick at
My fins break water circling shoulder chips dipped in a well to rape the origin
Fresh sneaker bows idle all killin'
Day tripping I beaker spillin, right?
I treat the cursed burners of my Zen like pendulums and let 'em count the seconds 'til the big hand strikes to scissor clip the string in your box kites
I got that thousand yard stare
'til the hounds howl
Jackal walker stripped the market bare
Dig it, it's all modern logistics
See, the slaves work for as*h*les, and the as*h*les work for kings
And the kings work for hookers, cocaine and forefinger rings
Snake tongue, hung a rung above the rest
Lung while I pink lung stung and sunk to an ebony vest
Bad spirit
Fad pyramids rust in the shadows of this cat on a hot tin something
Spittin disgusting
Ready to rain
Indian summer under a fragile pain comforter
Stain glass palace
Brain gas baggage
Sum of separate pieces equals freight class imbalance on a palette made a snake bones
Graf' work, A poem
Kill 'Em All
Yeah jig, I'm awful with aesthetic
Mach 20 (30, 40, 50...)
Why money, what you up to?
"Oh, I was just about to, uh..."
Trying to graduate to gum shoe
Here to preach the great American fuss feud, so f*ck you
Aesop rock dropped his lip to floor
Shoved the mile stones in his mouth, chewed 'em up and spit the core
So the captains of the slapstick handshake trade embargo
Crunched on a fortune cookie tomorrow opening question marked parcels
I absorb bliss for the futures modern samaritans
By exposing the vain roots of the hear-us-now plain troops
But I won't
Life lessons curdle in the stomach prior to sink into the sense capsules
As discipline fractals
Now 'course necessities says let the brain jolt awkward
Set it free
Just take note if your walk's irrelevant
Excuse me, for example if Moses had gills he could have fished without the split-sea macho circus
But he didn't and it don't really make a difference
I'm cooked
I've been around the universe twice
The first time I sat and looked
The second time I broke the galaxy
Now I walk with a limp cause my foot's coated in casualties
A small price to pay for a life of, "Greetings, your Majesty"
Spread a billion apple seeds to honor his vision of underprivileged children
Plucking the fruits in their ripest hour
But the dreams have gone sour
Cowards dug up the roots
Weaved the leaves, hung up a noose and sacrificed their freedom vouchers
He did it in the name of Christ
She did it for the grunt work
He did it for the star cluster that he'd named after his mother
Now it's touching, and it makes a great story to tell
But I'd rather be the wisher than the penny in the well

Kill one, kill a few, kill 'em all
Fill 'em all with guilt
Watch them pray while you walk around stilts

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