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Aesop Rock

"Homemade Mummy"

[Verse 1]
How to make a homemade mummy:
Get a corpse, get gauze, get comfy
Shampoo and disinfect dead fluffy
For the hallowed excavation of his x-marked tummy
Stem to stern, the butter cutter b-lines well
Tongues butterfly the unzipped feline shell
We'll be escorting vital organs
With the exception of the precious kitten heart
Into the privacy of separate pickle jars
Or mayonnaise or jelly pick a card
sh*t, pick a part and scissor
Stomach, lung, intestine or liver
In a world of sanitizers and preservatives forever
Brain exterminated through the whiskers *kiss & blow*
Ditched, I blank NY alone
We usher in the salts that call the husk home
Might embalm and stiffen and rid the fawn of all his liquids
Slather it in beeswax, wrap it up in ribbons
Limb by limb, by tail by ear by chin
Within the hereafter I hereby win
I hope you vow to meow another day and never
Decompose, by the way before we seal these molds
The shorten version goes...

Take the brain out, leave the heart in [X2]
Paper playgrounds, leave your harvest
Take the brain out...

[Verse 2]
Gadzooks, punk's dead, last good gut wrenched
Antennae sam cook, black book pushead
Cat skulls stacked to the black hole sunset
Olive on a toothpick, Dagwood Bumstead
Tagged-hoof hatchery, matter amass naturally
Bad wolf, dash for the last rook castling
Blue ox, red plaid bass pro flannel king
Hasbro crown, sour apple Abba-Zabba teeth
In poorly taken pictures antiquating on his mantlepiece
Before we only spoke in letters cut from magazines
Folk broke bear claws over gross coffee
Not as milquestoast men, as los muertos walking
Ergo the scarecrow in rare barley
Squared-off harpy to armchair: say a prayer for me
I feel that mystifying times have gotten ugly
I also feel that you could learn a lot from a mummy

Take the brain out, leave the heart in [X2]
Major take down, eat your porridge
Take the brain out, leave the carcass

Take the brain out, leave the heart in [X2]
Games to rain out, pleas to bargain
Take the brain out, wreathed in garlic

Take the brain out, leave the heart in [[X2]
Fading halos, feeding herpes
Take the brain out, eager starlets

Take the brain out, leave the heart in

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