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Aesop Rock

"Take My Hand"

[Verse I: Swamburger ]
Sounds as if you need a hand
Walking through the filler-iller of sorts
I hope you understand now
I am not the one to make sense of it all
I’m a tourist, guide walk along and take my hand
Welcome to the make up of new paths
Fast fix ‘em, direct another face
Value and put it to fruition
By the way of competition, when in perspective let's live
Come along, take my hand and
Place your thoughts on these
Feats to end an overcame dead win
Politic(s) for policy, make my folly volley
Indeed I be your true blue, flawed laws from jolly jovial
Jabber Jaw sharks, who play cards, wink, wink
For frickle prick soldiers looking for spirit
Enlighten the tip, for me, over there, there
Turning tricks, sipping tip, you trip, telling musical hits
Like the ball to raise a new politics, holding fire for lobbyists

[Verse II: Onry Ozzborn]
You, a rude wig, Stimpy, stupid dog
Go ahead take my hand, it detaches from the wrist
Now you’re holding it, amused with fun
More than a parlor trick that
Mannequin limb has real flesh to creep on those who chit-chat
For years to come about what we have showed them
(Going to be showing them)
Most of the trapeze ease into a flip; no net
Ocean voice that we use to calm you
As we pull out the tent-top
Psycho-semantics accurate dismounted; no flop
Face-paint-asylum-junkies juggling laying with tigers
Contortionistas with their pasties remind you of spiders
Adam and Eve apples on sticks dipping the caramel
Carousel carnie intoxicated operating the scale
Modelate all adorament life like
Swam did it already, and I might, then Aes might
Give up a secret or two, about the cannon ball man
Never no hula hoop dude, only your illusion entranced
Just in the black light galloping goons
The clowns surround all your chillin platoon, I think you need room
Perhaps a moment of soak in what you have seen
Go ahead, let go of my hand, now this was no dream

[Verse III: Aesop Rock]
You wanna see a trick?
Pick a death card, any death card bet
No kevlar vest, no red heart left
Sound minds, bound by tides unholy
Harvester of souls on line one holding
Can’t talk molting, ramparts high
Though his high seems low and the Nam draws nein
Deemed unkind by his one time owned
Never green blood line due time in a hole
Climb it alive, sign is amiss
Grime in the tiles, cried fiddlesticks
Simon advised, I’m in a bind
Hat low, back bones stringent
Aggro, drums like a black hole binging
Lunch at the cat post, dinner in a ditch
I sift through vics like mister Wu's pigs
Stack skulls like igloo bricks, neck beard, loose lips
Hanging loose, dude, when the noose fits
Ears back flat, chattery pulled cavities
Hack, outta smattering adult faculties
Cooked in a cold opacity, mattress(?)
You don’t wanna be who the passionate badger
Elaborately, come splash in the hazard
Dibs on the flask and the dagger after
And I probably sell the former, but I’m itching for the latter
Got initials that need etching in this anchor, thank ya

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