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Aesop Rock

"I’m Not Here Right Now"

[Verse 1: Tappy Tibbons

Klaus Kinski type, crazy like...
Helter Skelter on that warm summer night
Or bringing Michael Myers along to a knife fight
Incite a riot twice to make sure you did it right
I'm the old man yelling, telling kids to shut the Hell up
Cause I'm trying to get these images in my mind to develop
Buy my stock low then sell up, right before I sell out
Decision making screwed once I leave my parents' house
And your vision will be skewed once you see what I'm about
Cause I don't stand for anything, I just talk really loud
I'm taking the 12 steps to fiery death now
Number 1, blame someone else for every goddamn letdown
Number 2, scream "Soo woo!" while wearing all blue
Or yell "f*ck Jews!" in the middle of Jerusalem
Uh... or sell some veggies in the Houston slums
Or ask some White supremacists what brown can do for 'em
Um... f*ck intellectual wealth
Long as that ass is like a shelf she won't be chilling by herself
And that's nothing but the truth
We got bananas like the Bluths and want the flesh like sabertooths
Yeah, catch the anger of the youth
Get your death on YouTube and that's the prosector's proof
And remember, we're all under God's roof
But here at Heaven's Gate we know our time is almost through
So I'll...
Have some fun with it, scratch a few from my bucket list
Come up in this for puckered lips and rumbling Michael Buffer sh*t
Bring the ruckus, it's ten o'clock, where's your children Miss?
They're burning spliffs, mad at me cause I insist that I don't hit
But hear me spit till I'm asthmatic, non-pragmatic
I've been called faggot, insults are not tragic
Pull back then push past it, hard rock like a crack addict
Dag nabbit, let's have at it, go Bear Jew on you wack fascists

It's like the Juice by Tappy was spiked with bath salts
Cause I'm picking up Earl after he strikes the asphalt
Queen Georgette's just a ragdoll for many men
Who wash down their Bennie with Henny when they need a friend
Envy ends when I throw a four-seam forcefully
And use sorcery to torch the beat
And if Generation Z wants to get up to speed with me
Stab yourself with an epi-pen and blow some steam

[Outro: Collabro D]

Collabros cypher... 2012
Coming soon

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