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"The Realest"

These young boys with dreams of taking my crown
I can't have 'em
They got wild imaginations
I'm something they can't fathom
Something too true or ankle killing
From a .22 in the boot of a villain
Who's doper than whoever you were
I'm doper than a whore shooting dope in the sewer
The whole city built on p*ss and floating manure
That travels in pipes, train stations and scavenger types
You can get your sh*t took and stabbed with a knife
By a lick, crook, a quick jab and big hook
These sick fags trying to find out where I live, look
I got a crew of goons looming larger than Bigfoot
To f*ck you up and throw human parts in a pickup
Truck come, a sick f*ck, since I made six bucks
And now I'm all papered out and getting my di*k sucked
With power, now you cowards get your tummy stitched up

[Hook: Slaine] (2)
I'm larger than life, who the f*ck are you prick?
I got an 8-Ball, beat you with a pool stick!
I walk in the dark, the burglar at night
This is the realest sh*t you heard in your life, aight?

[Verse 2: ILL Bill]
Young amateurs play themselves
Making mistakes, they young shooters
Dude stay in your lane, youngsta
I'll give you a young funeral
And no funeral home, if these walls could talk
They'd paint a picture of the aftermath of wars are sparked
Doors are locked, coffins lowered deep into the ground
Shovels and dirt shift while families weeping to the sound
But the world keeps turning and the plot thickens
Street Robin Hoods are earning and the cops are b*tches
Another day, another million dollars
Another soldier sent home a crippled father
In the war with religious martyrs
Overseas concerts shocking all like senseless bombings
My hood soldiers be on your momma's block with pistols popping
It's a vicious cycle of horrible events
It gets worse, you try to kill me, I'll body you instead
Learn the hard way, lose your life f*cking with real goons
You dudes better smarten up real soon!

[Hook: Slaine] (2)

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