"Morbid Hallucinations"

[Verse 1: Lord Goat]
Hallucination, all notorious from bad lysergic
Pieces of blotter, bathtub, mix it up with detergent
Cubes of liquid, life's inflicted, the pain is infinite
Like twenty surgeons sick with the scalpel, the arm's infamous
Killing Zoe, waiting for symptoms of teen victims
Dark and stiff as the moon spinning, coming at you with biscuits
Bark at the moon, grinning, like Abbath from Immortal I'm winning
Swiss chemist, LSD forms my religion
I was born too late, baby, oxy tabs and prison
Rap pharmacist, Spicoli checkable, it's bloody vision
Transcend through meditation, bullets and bloody aprons
No Timothy Leary agents like Kubrick in '86 spaceships
The iron matrix

[Hook: Danny Diablo]
Toxic fantasy
Blurred reality
Lost in agony
Into the void, mind insufferable
Psycho-delic storm
Lucid catacombs
Mental terror swarm
Into the void, mind insufferable

[Verse 2: ILL Bill]
Hallucination - a paranoid convulsion, repulsion
Devotion to corrosion of conformity, explosion
Disposable heroes and militant villains
Billions of civilians are killed while corporations earn trillions
And the War Machine grind like Brutal Truth
Pass the Dutchie like musical youth, but the Uzi shoot
Children of God, soldiers of Satan
Vultures await at the gates of Hell beyond the smouldering flames
They call me Billion Dollar Bill, but was Osama killed?
Or is he secretly at Mar-a-Lago chilling?
What's really behind the curtain? Does life after death exist?
Or are you ready to die for certain?
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