Hailie’s Anus


Never disrespect a God, even when he's spoutin' off about twisted sh*t like f**king his own mom
Maybe that's why he's so protective of his daughter
He doesn't want her getting pregnant - unless he's the father
Can't even call her hot unless you wanna get bodied
Nah, I ain't talkin bout get gettin' shot, only lead that he's got
Is in his pencil he's vengeful, but only on the f**kin instrumentals
Needs to take a deep breath and couplе benzos
I just bent over somе yummy hoe
I think she said she 24 but I don't really f**kin know
She gettin' mad stacks of dough from her instagram posts
And yeah she pretty fine but I ain't tryna make her mine
They call me Kid Kolumbine cuz my sh*t's so divine
And I'm lethal when you least expect it, my d**k erected
Deep inside that b*t*h who I just infected
No I'm not just guessing, I just got tested
You can f**king check it, my medical records say
There is no maybe, I'm f**king crazy
Satan made me when he raped Hades, gave him AIDS and created rabies
I make Slim Shady look like an eighty year old lady
Wait! I think that b*t*h was Hailie, I just gave her scabies!
She was face down squirtin', knees hurtin'
As I stretched out her motherf**kin' beef curtains
Preach it like a sermon get some motherf**kin' weed burnin'
Till it's redder than a cherry like a f**kin bloody Mary
Bloody Mary bloody Mary!
So what if Billie Eilish thinks you're f**kin scary?
She never lived in a trailer reading dictionaries
Only had sex once and it was missionary
You need a worthy adversary
I could bury you and MGGay facing the same way in the same grave at the f**kin' cemetery
I'll admit you can spit but its not hereditary
I got you stalking her followers tryna see whose c*m she swallowing
Wallowing in your misery picturing her kissing me
This isn't even a diss its just my way of me wishing you a Merry Christmas, b*t*h
This sh*t is a gift for you to f**kin listen to
In your mind every time that you see your daughters face
Can't erase all the traces of pain and anguish that I place in you every time that I spit a rhyme that is laced with the dope that I smoke when I poke
All her holes with no protection till her rectum is stretched and I can see her intestines
I'm here for inspection
Ass so big look like it came from Texas
I usually don't do this but I'll make an exception
I'm sticking in my tongue, prepare for injection
If I die from e coli then it's natural selection
f**k! I guess I'm going back to pornography
She just farted and it smells like Eminem's discography
I need a lobotomy, this sh*t is too cold for you all to see
I'm going Homer like the Iliad and the Odyssey
This sh*t is a comedy and I'm a f**king prodigy
But honestly all I care about is f**kin' sodomy, so Eminem, where the f**k your momma be?

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