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Joey Cool

"King Coolie"

Hey it's ok to judge me
Just remember to be perfect for the rest of your life

Feel like I'm hesitating
This is the revelation
I get a call from my momma, tell me to elevate it
When I got started these local artists was hella hating
Now that the tables have turned
Look at them, hella shaking
Shivering boots b*tch
Picture the truth b*tch
I am an animal when I step in this booth b*tch
I would strongly recommend you not attempting to do the sh*t I be doing
f*ck around and end up chipping a tooth b*tch
I got an apetite, feel like I had to fight
Feel like I had to right every wrong for the afterlife
Feel like a sucker cause I been at it for half a life
I had a family, 9 to 5, almost had a wife
I have a daughter that I was tucking in every night
Took it for granted cause I was looking for better life
And my mother be heated 'cause I was up writing half the night
What was your plan again? What was your sacrifice?
I'm coming to the realization that when committing
I have a problem, when it comes to my involving
And loving somebody's daughter
And ironically the fact is I really ought to be smarter
And set an example here, I mean really, I'm too a father
Really maneuver harder while tryna move through the water
And the signs are clearly reading as, "Danger if you go farther"
I don't wanna be it but people tryna make me a martyr
For believing I was chosen (ayo f*ck it n*gga, you got 'em)
Check it, I been collecting info for six months
Every rumor I heard about me get mixed up
Everything that I hear about you is funny bruh
I'm just playing, I don't hear people discussing none of ya
Unfortunate that I'm used to hearing the snakes rattle
They try to slander my character with a fake battle
Oh you ain't think that I knew about it, I know it all
That's exactly why I was never that close to none of y'all
The separation is evident, I would rather be direct with no subliminal messages
Luckily for you, I gotta think about my investments
Otherwise you'd have a problem digging through all the wreckage
I am highly respected, keep my eye on the method
King Coolie of Aces, I give you E for effort
Strange Music you b*tch!
That's reliable leverage if you ever did me wrong
You should prolly correct it

Yeah, if you, if you ain't figured out by now
Old Habits Die Hard
And a lot of these habits I done picked up
It's 'cause of you haters
Now, now can I speak on it? I'm gon' speak on it
Because I'm giving you pieces of me
And I mean deep pieces of me
Now ain't and I mean ain't no, ain't nobody gon' stop me
From putting the Swank on it, I gotta put the Swank
Now I can remember when haters was around hating
But I can't remember when I let, when I let it get me down
Now til further notice, I'm a headcase
Now let me say it again, til further notice, I'm a headcase
'Cause Old Habits Die Hard
And I know that all that Old Habits Die Hard
Old Habits Die Hard

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