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Joey Cool

"Violent Contradictions"

All right!
All right, oh yeah

Chaotic life
Picture a riot
My position was strife
Contradiction is violent
I'm convinced I'm a tyrant
I'm a literal giant
Yeah I'm strong and I'm silent
I belong with the pirates
Was a glutton with women
Had to go on a diet
Had a lust for the sinning
That's just how I was wired
I constructed the buildings
Set the city on fire
I'm aware that I've hurt
I'm aware I've inspired
Mourning for broken hearts
Throw emotion like darts
Dodgin' bullets for real
Blow a hole through your heart
Got emotional scars
Goin' [?] on broads
Goin' [?] on homies ain't how it's supposed to be dawg
Ready for the commitment
Tell me I'm inconsistent
Then they practice persistence
I just practice resistin'
Tellin' me she insistin'
I be highly indifferent
Mildly intoxicated but I am wildly inflicted
Violent in contradiction
How you gon' try resistin'
Stone cold face
Baby I don't smile in the pictures
I be prayin' for hope
They like "How can I get him
Need this n*gga to lose
Man I'm tired of him winnin'
Man I'm sick of him how the f*ck he be out with these women
Don't like the clout he was given
Don't give an ounce of this n*gga
Let's take his chain away
Get the praisin' up out this n*gga"
You duck a few lines and wonder "f*ck you" if you vibin' with him

(Old Habits Die Hard)

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