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Nicoteen Ninyo

"Save This Place"

[Chorus Love Me David]
Come my way
I need here
To save this place
It's burning down
But there's no one around
To save me
I'm afraid it's too late
I've gone to the grave
Please forgive me for my mistakes
I didn't mean to ruin everything we had
I'm just trying to cope from what my dad did
You wanted to see
If I could breathe
With smoke filled air
But I couldn't escape
To burned from flame
Around my chains
And now that I'm gone
You sing this song
Wishing you didn't take so f**king long
But it's the life we made that we can't change
Forever regret the paths we take

[Bridge Love me David]
Find the paper burned with ash
A note to you I can't take with
With secrets from the life I lived
That over shadow everything good I did
And now that no one can take my peace
You don't ever have to pray oh please
That today's the day I will leave
Ya you got your with to be without me
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