The Golden Child (Snippet)* lyrics

Eli Fross

Gllaa gllaa gllaa gllaa gllaa gllaa gllaa
Boom boom boom boom
Great John on the beat by the way
Look, look

Pull up on 'em with the biggest gat and make his body twitch
Don't give a f**k about no feelings, n***a I demolish sh*t
I got shooters that love getting money while we poppin' sh*t
Expensive bottles what we poppin' n***a, pu**y poppin' quick
We making movies when we running down, this ain't no acting n***a
Got some scammers that be getting money, but will clap a n***a
Claim a score, and then we pull up on you like, "What happen n***a?"
You would think a n***a racist from the way we blastin' n***as
I be ridin' round with 10 on me, like it's my favorite number
Shorty think I hit the lotto, so she suck me in the Hummer
She said she like the way I grab her up and beat her like no other
She attracted to my money and the way that I be stuntin'
Got tired of the green, started stackin' up the hunnids
Shorty know she been the drill, I be f**king up her stomach
Once a n***a pop a pill, I be in it 'till the morning
She gon' suck a n***a up while a n***a start to yawning, ah
Lil pu**y n***a, don't wanna get wiggety-wacked
Clickety-clack, wrapped up in that piggety-pack
Like what up, huh (pu**y)
Don't lickety-lack, cause my shooters don't give no s—

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