OblivionFall After Dark

"Your Cum Won’t Last"

Father of lies
c*m in disguise
Your c*m won't last
There's a snake in my ass
The c*m-fathers secret stash
c*m-stomp me flat
I'm going to f**k your dad
c*mming high into the morning sky
Vape c*m from my bum til I die
Watching Arthur with a c*ck in my ass
Riding hard
Eating ass master-class
Sacred c*m blade
A f**kling crusade
Fatal c*m--theft
Give me c*m or give me death
Elon's Musk
Jesus Crust
Stealing donations from the c*m-Czar's trust
A c*m smoothie gulped smoothly
Consume the c*m chalice
f**k everyone named Alex
David Hayter
c*m Crusador
The Holy c*m Wars
Razor-blade Masturbator
Margret Thatcher
The c*m Snatcher

Father drowned
Going down on the c*m clown
Prolapse pounding
Toothpick sounding
c*m baking
My nipple-pu**y is aching
c*m fooler
Semen drooler
Forbidden c*m-spice
Your sh*t-box looks nice!
Life is a cage, and death is the key
All your c*m are belong to me
Normalize crying over spilt c*m
Making c*m-angels with my son
I f**ked a fairy in half
How many holes does a human have?
My butt and cunny are in agony
Castration in the sky
Your p*n*s will fly

Scrotal chambers
Semen sailors
Mommy's c*m tax
Grind my balls on an axe!
c*m-scented candle
c*m-broiled eggs
c*m-Christ consciousness
Third-eye, c*m spy
c*m-scrote sailboat
Semen speed racer
Off-road c*m chode
My uterus came out!
c*m treasurer
d**k measurer
Irresponsible Manager of c*m
A c*m-slave, back from the grave
The price for breaking a c*m-oath
James Hector
c*m key-lector (or collector, vote in comments)

I tripped in the c*m-keeper's crypt
c*m feeder
Moist meter
Sans Undertale, the c*m reaper
f**king a skeleton, right in the pu**y
The Dark Souls of c*m
c*m-framed, and c*m-blamed
c*m-drowning awareness day
Brewing c*m-fuel after school
Your nipples are crunchy
The tragic c*m-sponge
Your c*m is fading...
Sweep up the c*m flakes, Joan
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