Cannibal Ox
Iron Rose
[Verse 1: Vast Aire]
I'm a blood sucka
I feed on the souls of the dead MCs
As Mega burns your scrolls
I'm a petal from an iron rose
My kung-fu is the iron robe
I put you in an iron grave
I came up in an ocean with iron waves
All you haters let go of my metal wing
Clap with this metal thing
IGC, that's my iron family
My kids are rough, they eat iron candy
My girl's tough, she wears iron panties
I was born in an iron galaxy
You can act Sir William
My favorite rock band is Iron Maiden
I wrote these raps on iron pages
Blacks hate the prisons with iron cages

[Hook: Vast Aire] x2
When you speak to the king
Address that man as the Iron Sheik
We got higher heights to reach
Advance the concrete with iron feet
[Verse 2: Vordul Mega]
We came from hard times with natural disasters
Trying to avoid the bullet, chit-chat, and health hazards
Since knitting caps and no laces
He was rocking it, bopping it, Northface pockets
Record papers, evade chases
When everybody tryin' to laugh to the bank from places
With hard chemicals, regards measuring
(Motion) treasuring (moments)
We made it through hard sh*t like fish with large fins
The hearts of men, enlightening silence
Writing iron scripts, escaping dark dazes
Hearts at play, been at enough ledges
For crying loud and still got rough edges to iron out
Praying, never lying down
Got it now waddles be trying to wow
We apply integrity with her pa**ion
Times heated like the Serengeti
Can't stay still, it's better when it happens

[Hook: Vast Aire] x2

[Verse 3: MF DOOM]
Don't get dried in
From the frying iron, for lying again
And die trying while crying
Just a suggestion
Just to question what he told him
Couldn't hold him from rolling the Western war like a golden golem
God bless the soul, man
Oddly dressed old man
With fresh kicks, broham
The freshest slowest jam
Ride a iron horse
With eyes wide cross
Let off, the side iron
Trying to guide the lost
Iron clad and rhymin'
At the droppin' of a diamond
Filthy metal fingers get it poppin' like a hymen
At first she said no, her iron was low
He had to go, get back to mining iron for dough
Flow with an iron tongue
Spit words from an iron lung, where flung
Who gives a flying turd or iron dung
A chunky jewel bracelet
The width of a lion's wrist
Metal faced scientist
Rule with an iron fist
[Hook: Vast Aire] x2