Cannibal Ox
The Fire Rises
Solar system on my collar bone
Diamonds ringing off like xylophone
(We are the shadows)
[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 1: Vast Aire]
You got a frost bite
Well mines colder
At this height
You'll see Jupiter on my shoulder
I am the master of all things
On Saturn, they call me the lord of the rings
I got a (Solar system on my collar bone)
Yeah, I make my thumb and my pinky glow
Just to phone home(just to phone home)
Here's your last chance to glance at the spider
My eight steps is the dance of the tarantula
The only thing standing in the here after
Is the fifty foot woman, Giganta
And Im ready to plant her
She's the receiver, ready to capture
I'm ready for the rapture
Show me the arms of wickedness, Im ready to fracture
Light and dark, time and Space
Im waiting on Pinocchio to spite his face
I'm a dough boy on another level
All I do is bake the cake and stash the truffle
And if you run your muzzle
It could be you and seven friends
Thats eight heads in a duffle
I'll just vanish you if you reb***al
Then its back to the universe
Cause we cuddle
Oh yeah my mother's hip is a shuttle
That projects suns and moons at full throttle
We could be extremely dense, or hollow
We could be hard to trace, harder to follow
The lies of yesterday will be gone tomorrow
But the truth is today is so hard to swallow
I'm a celestial Czar
I change my crown of thorns into a crown of stars
I gotta a…
(Solar system on my collar bone)
I found her milkyish way by her pelvic zone
(We hold the weight of the universe)
The fire rises
…Sir William Cosmos
…We walk around with a
Solar system on my… x2
Solar system on my collar bone
Solar system on my…x2