(I bust the windows out your car)
(And, no, it didn't mend my broken heart)
(I'll probably always have these ugly scars) Mmm
(But right now I don't care about that part)
I bust the windows out your car
(You should feel lucky that was all I did)
After five whole years of this bullsh*t
Gave you all of me and you played with it, ooh

[Verse 1]
I blame myself, ignoring what I already knew
Judge me not for how a b*t*h finna move
Judge me not for what a b*t*h finna do
If it's f**k me, n***a, then it's f**k you too
I'm a real good b*t*h, I got too many options
Real good d**k, man, this f**k n***a toxic
Broke my heart, this n***a way outta pocket
I got all the proof, I ain't listening to gossip
Best friend making sure I seen that sh*t
I was never your type, yeah, I seen that b*t*h
Pulled down on 'em, yeah, I keyed that whip
Catch your ho out in public, I'ma beat that b*t*h
Been f**ked off, had you sick to your stomach
Wasted all this time, I was way too solid
Range or the Kia, I was always ridin'
Kept it on lock, pu**y real low mileage
Back and forth with this back and forth
Here we go again for like the tenth time
Back and forth about back and forth
Between this love and hate sh*t, it's a thin line, but
A part of me just wanna keep it to myself
A part of me just wanna tell 'em what you really did
A part of me just wanna tell 'em how you really is
Switching hoes like clothes, f**k n***as ain't sh*t
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