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Joe Budden

"Whatever it Takes"

It's ya muh'f*ckin boy, "Jump Off" Joe Budden here
Clinton Sparks we gon' get familiar with it
We gon' get familiar together man, hey...
Sparks, holla at ya boy - that old time music!

[Hook: Joe Budden]
Whatever it takes, to find a way, to find a way, to find a way
I'mma do whatever it takes, to find a way, to find a way, to find a way
I'mma do whatever it takes to find a way, to find a way, to find a way
Whatever it takes to find a way, to find a way, to find a way

[Verse One]
Alright I'm dealin with some sh*t homey, it's in the back of my head
And it's some sh*t homey, but I just rap it instead
See I got Wolverine's bones in me, but the whole world
Is throwin stones at me like they all gotta bone with me
Got a child's mother, and I hate her to death
But that's my child's mother, so that's my mate to the death
It's wild how I love her, for puttin little me here
And me and her could beef forever, she gon' still be there
Then there's some other n*ggas, I judged their character wrong
But they some other n*ggas, now let's get back to the song
I got a drug problem, that I ain't tending to
Because I got enough problems, and my solution is to stuff problems
But if something goes wrong with that
Then it's back to PCP and so long with rap
See I'm depressed lately, but nobody understands
That I'm depressed lately, I'm sorta feelin repressed lately
But y'all been hearin and seein me less lately
Like has anyone noticed the regress lately?
Look deep n*gga don't I seem stressed lately
Seem disturbed, lot of regrets lately?
Got a company, that I'm signed to
But they ain't in my company, when all I need is some company
When I start feelin like e'rybody's done with me
I try to see what e'rybody want with me
Then the mistress, yeah, the girl from 10 Minutes it's her;
Now I'm needin ten minutes from her
I can't get into it, but I want y'all to know
That I'll get into it, but I'll save that for The Growth
Then it's rap beef, but I'm so secure with me
It's only rap beef, I don't need se-cu-rity (never)
Wanna get at me, wanna go to war with me
That's just one phone call for me, check the sh*t
I got a whole hood, that don't appreciate me
But It's not the whole hood, that depreciates me (okay)
What you gon' tell me, when it's the streets that made me
And I won't let the belly of the beast degrade me
And then it's rap critics, they say all I make is dance music
But to almost anything you can dance stupid
They ain't like the single, so they ain't copped that album
Wouldn't give a chance to it, not a second glance to it
They say "he whines too much he's too bitter" (and)
They call it complainin, I call it explainin (y'know)
How normal n*ggas could get caught up in the game and
Lose they mind and y'all call it entertainment
Some sh*t with me, but dudes been knew that
But I'm gamblin a lot and I ain't used to do that (nah)
Rap ain't payin the bills, it's mo' money mo' problems
Or it's no money mo' problems
All enormous when you play at these stakes
That's how it feels to have a warrant on a famous face
Then the album's pushed back, cause they say he need a single
At the moment, but what he needs is a single moment
Then I'm involved in the he say, she say
(that's) in my mind on replay, each day
((then) Then it's the bullsh*t that she say, "he's gay"
Cause she wouldn't like to think that he ain't like her
Just cause she was throwing it at me and I ain't touch her
She'll say anything side from I ain't wanna f*ck her (nah)
I don't feel good, so I won't wanna go to a club
Don't wanna go to a lounge, just wanna lounge (I just wanna lounge)
In the same sweats that I had on for days
Same tee I had on for a week, what I got on it speaks
What I got on, it reeks
No shape up, chillin, cause that's just how I'm feelin
And one day at a time, it's God willin
(see I'm) Tryin to see straight but the fog keeps buildin
Pulse start racin, the bulls startin to hate me
But I gotta be a king, cause there's wolves tryin to play me
Hoodie when it's hot like it's freezin winter
Rap star, eat and sleep for dinner
And it's hard tryna keep this in ya, so I write it all down
So one day maybe when life is all sweet I remember
Then it's probation, I know we all go through it
We call it probation, but there's no pro to it
Yeah my soul's achin, only a few peers know
Funny thing about the case is it's a few years old
Had some sh*t going on with my ohh, that felt good but it's bad
So I'm sittin here like what the b*tch had
It's not rap it's real, look scrappy it's true
Goin what's popping, do he look happy to you?
Now if it goes to the wire, got the soul of a fighter
Bruised up and sloppy, or damaged like Ali
Up late talkin to the fans on a website
That's the only thing that send your man off to bed right
f*ck the world, f*ck my moms and my girl
Well maybe not mom, just let me remain calm
This too won't last, this too shall pass
At least that's what I say y'all, that's what I pray for
And I'm the only thing that's standin' in my way y'all
But I gotta be with me, it's no escape y'all
I guess depression just stepped in
And took over sh*t like it's known to do
Guess it said, hey Joe, I'm goin home with you
Turn your phone off, I need to be alone with you
I need to be in the zone with you
Cause I'm the only thing you've prone to n*gga, look I own you n*gga
Been with you since 10, but you startin to confuse me
Cause it's been so long and you still tryin to lose me
Like how could you show me such cruelty
When everybody turns their back on you Joe it's you and me
Still you don't want me to see you right
And why you always come get me, how we reunite, huh?
I know you feel for me deep in your heart
Doctors, meetings, pills couldn't keep us apart
But now you got a deal and you wanna get rid of me
We roommates, I'm in your head Joe, you live with me
So I don't write for the fans, nah, I write to my man
In hopes that he'll just leave and understand
Like, like please leave the kid in peace
Let me smoke this one cig' in peace (just give me 10 minutes)
Just leave for a second man, it's been too long and I can't troop it
And long as you around I can't make that dance music

[Hook] - to fade

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