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Joe Budden


[Verse 1: Kutt Calhoun]
They say that sleep is the cousin of death
So I don't sleep cause once I doze I keep losing my breath
Feel Incapacitated, Froze, And I can't call out for help
Is that a sign a saying I'm not a in full control of myself
I often think about the peeps around me
I'm feeling weak, If it's not peace well then lord please allow me
To be at ease with my enemies
No longer church is in my want, and if I'm worth only ten-hundred then I'm still a G
Life is the fast lane, and your friends are the obstacles in the road
If you've got to book to the shoulder it's obviously a hold-up (wait)
Just let me take into consideration those
Who do not see what this road has to offer them when its showed
Maybe I'm crazy or just maybe I'm dead smack right
Promote me or pay me for partaking in red, black, white
Cause if you don't then it's a deeper scripture
I've got the brush, it ain't a rush for you to see the picture
It's black and white n*gga

This life we livings an illusion, Wish I could fly and find a new one
If i could change this whole invention, My intentions are redemption
How can they reach us, being facetious, no signs of Jesus
If I could tweak this whole invention, my intentions, are redemption

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck
Sometimes I feel like times up
Sometimes I look at the clock as the hand that stop
See I would like to rewind but
Times my only witness right now
If I don't think I'm wrong, Why the f*ck, should I ask for forgiveness right now?
Let me send a message to all these b*tches that all in my business right now
Before you approach me, I'm paranoid, gripping on my biscuit right now
I'm only afraid to warn you my reality is far from normal
But I try my best to keep it at rest and show you a proper formal
See, without this music I'd be a cell mate in that frail state
Everything around me is a jailbait
Loose control of my cruise control, foot on the pedal accelerate
Kinda schizo, locomotive without a motive
They just focused on my Depression, my obsessive compulsion, my profession
No longer backtracking on my progressions
Hate it or love it, choose the former and choke on a Smith & Wesson
This song is for mental
I refer that all that I've been through, to say its more than just mental
Ever thought detrimental


[Verse 3: Kutt Calhoun]
Feels like it was never meant from the start
It's such a struggle wit tryin to juggle on who has my best interest at heart
And now I'm falling, got nothing to grab
(Who's gonna laugh? n*ggas gonna let me? What they really thinking? Do they really care?)
f*ck feeling bad
If it's my time then it's my time, and I'm gonna stand up like a man with my head held high
Ready to take whatever comes with the plan, cause I won't be alone
That's on the eyes of Virgin Mary, man
I'll die before I live beneath this buried pain
Father forgive me, its hard to separate the evil from friendlies
The jealous ones in me, I don't know who the hell is the enemy
As a partner, friend, or associate; angel, demon, or both
When its right up under your nose
And their poker faces are frozen with smiles
And I haven't met a decent being in a while (That I could trust)
I'd rather just beam them and bleed em on out
If you ain't with me, you against me, so I need to know now
Or you can witness my redemption when I leave and roll out (I'm sayin)

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