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Joe Budden

"The Pain Won’t Stop"

Damn, that hurt!

Oh, the pain won't stop (the pain don't stop)
Almost like it's got a hold on me (on me)
Shackles and cuffs, I can be no more than a slave
And still the pain won't stop
Like my demons got control of me
Won't take me alive
I guess someone's gonna see the crime

And it won't be me, and it can't be me
And it won't be me, I won't let it be me
And it won't be me, and it can't be me
And it won't be me, I won't let it be me

[Verse 1]
I've seen a thousand friends being reduced to a handful
I've seen the love of my life deciding to hit cancel
They say life's supposed to change based on the angle
But what's an angle to me, if I stand still
Still I can't stand the fact that I can't seem to get back to the old Jay, in fact, I'm still a million miles away from that
Good ol' Jay is away and this f*cked up mimic's here to stay, I'm enraged, filled with hate, impossible to renovate
Don't believe I'll demonstrate, I'll deceive won't hesitate, all this grief will detonate, as soon as the pain will penetrate
My miind's a mess, my body aches, there's not much more that I can take, every second that I wake it seems like death's a breath away


[Verse 2]
And furthermore my brain is sore from all the pain Heleen had caused
I've changed a bit, a part restored, still don't know how I endured
Another door's supposed to open as soon as there's an old one closed
But somehow that don't work for me, so I just end up closing more
Every day I wake is strange, tomorrow fades away your face, I ain't trying to win you back, I guess today I know my place
Or maybe Jay don't work that way, you are supposed to turn to me, still burns and aches, but you don't really care bout what I say
I wish there was another way, but I bet that wish won't be granted today, our yesterday gets further away, but the pain ain't fading away
I've been reminiscing bout the sh*t you put me through, it took some time but it's changed my view, I've come to realised that what you said was true, I guess I really really really wasn't meant for you



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