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Joe Budden

"The Future (Mood Muzik 2)"

[Joe Budden]
How y'all feeling out there?
Maybe y'all ain't hear me...
I said how is everybody feeling out there!?!?
Y'all alright?
I'm feeling...
Dub B is sooo soulfulllllll
Nah mean..
This is what you call mood muzik right here..
I'm feeling....

[Chorus: sample voice]

Whoaaaaa..... that's what the future holds in me..
Don't you wanna stay

[Verse 1]
I feel like I'm ahead of my time, like I'm ahead lets rewind
I feel like I've never fell feel like I'm ahead of my prime
I feel like my feelings feel like they maybe feel intertwined
'tween incognito and shine I'm being caught in the lime
Feel like I'm stuck in a fight when the future ain't feeling bright
I put the pencil down, feeling unwanted, and go on strike
But then I'm struck by the light that ain't how you properly strike
But the ball be over the plate and they still don't call it a strike
I mean I honestly try, I feel like I try in vain
Start doing a little different sh*t always just stay the same
There's a good in every bad when there's loss I know there's gain
I appreciate the love but I'm living with all the pain
I hate when the sun is out, but love whenever it rains
And God be sending me signs like my future is preordained
My timing keep getting f*cked, then why I still haven’t came
And all I do is object but my sh*t ain't never sustained
Wonder if I keep on trying then will I finally attain
Wonder if I'll ever feel like I got nobody to blame, MAYNE!


How's everybody doing out there?
Y'all good?..
I'm great

[Verse 2]
I told mommy when I was five that I would strive to be a lawyer
Or a doctor took the opt. to hanging out with the mobsters
Now he's a hip hop'sta, no more general Tso's
Ordering shrimp and lobster mommy look at how I prospered
Look at what I've become but still I feel like a bum
Emotional strain can't be replaced by any sum
Emotionally drained, insides prolly look like a slum
Just give me a bag of weed, just give me a shot of rum
No better yet give me none, no mommy I won't succ*mb
Not that- almost forgot I stopped that when I was young
Some people do it for pleasure some people do it for fun
But I remember it well, that dust used to have 'em strung
I wonder what I've become but why am I overlooked
I want 'em to understand but still I'm misunderstood
I keep on taking suggestions I'm wondering if I should
I know you see the potential, I know you see that I could
Bumping Ludacris, 'Child Of The Night' was well put
Why does everything so bad for me feel so good


I hope everybody still alright..

[Verse 3]
I know n*ggas that never made it everybody would sweat him
He jumped out the whole park, NBA never met him
What good is being open if the guards never fed him
He'd have been the illest n*gga but n*ggas just never let him
Maybe Trey'll grow up and be somewhat of a star
Wearing all the latest things and pushing the latest cars
Maybe he'll hold me down same way I do for my father
Or really resent me, feel like why should he even bother
Maybe me and his momma will finally just get along
Maybe not, but the idea sounds good in a song
Maybe one day the world'll see how great he performs
Long journey to walk on my feet to take the corns
Open my mind, say you was right and I was wrong
Nah, that's wrong, one day I'll rightfully right my wrongs
And start over anew like that one night I was born
Show a girl I really care, one day that pride'll be gone
See he overcame a lot, he just the same as his pops
So one day he'll be alright when that rain finally stops, C'MON!!


How's everybody feeling out there?
Are you in that mood yet?
Maybe y'all ain't hear me
Are you in that mood yet???!!
I know I am
Talk to 'em
Let my beat ride out C4

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