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Joe Budden

"Love For You"

[Intro: Joe Budden]
Just gotta get these thoughts off real quick
See I'm a thinker, it's like thinking sh*t
It's when you got..
You sittin' there reflectin', thinkin' sh*t
I peep it though

[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
Look, you liked me better before you knew my history
Before you knew who I was
That's when reachin' our potential felt likely
Nobody like me
Besides see if I stop bein' who I am
I'm straight to it, who I might be
But you gotta look inside each song
That's where I proved it was really in sight all along
Bear it all so the privacy gone
Grab the pen, sit down and write these wrongs
Just how I right these wrongs, but look
You liked me better when I spoke usin' censorship
Before you knew I was really insensitive
That was back when it was you and me
Then curiosity killed you, you had to Google me
Now I won't call the headlines a liar
Some are true and some are false, that's for y'all to decipher
But look, on rare occasions some of what they say'll bother me
I liked it better when the 'Net was still a novelty
'Cause now people who ain't found themselves
Get an outlet, yet don't know how they sound themselves
They like me better when I'm silent and don't have an opinion
Pretendin' to blend in like I'm a minion
Say if Joe keep talkin' that sh*t, he'll get him shot
But if rappers can't tie my shoes, how can I not?
Thought I had my city's support, I couldn't believe
Jersey City liked me better when I couldn't leave
I take it back, that ain't set in stone
They more so had weapons drawn 'cause I left alone
I liked it better when I had nothin' to lose
The days when I felt like I had somethin' to prove
sh*t, even for me that's unusual
If you don't give a f*ck then who you gotta prove it to?
Just the world that I was born in
You gotta learn to form wins against the storm wind
They like me better when I f*ck and never call again
Without it, they don't know what type of box I belong up in
They like me better without reality television
Guess they didn't need to witness the hell I was livin'
In my shoes, you too would seal a fate
Poppin' 20 pills a day, somebody gon' feel a way
Look, uh, and so these hoes just to pass time
After the past time, they don't even pass my mind
You liked me better way before you got lied to
But that don't really matter when you want me inside you
Your friends sayin' leave, they don't know that you tried to
You can't speak to them, I'm the n*gga you cry to
I liked it better when nobody ever heard of me
'Fore pop had to get that knee surgery
Guess that affected his bladder
So when Jackie called me nothin' else really mattered
Was scared, sounded frantic, I ain't want no parts of that
Said the ambulance came, might be a heart attack
Was leavin' work nearly cryin' on the phone
I'm in rush hour traffic, just seen you dyin' alone
Look, I just pictured all the places that we never went
All the texts that were never sent
All the words we never spoke
Time we never shared, rewind so we can repair
Such an inspiration, all the holes that you dug through
Then you got released, God was watchin' above you
I'm thinkin' you healin', I don't wanna disrupt you
So I'm right back to never tellin' you that I love you
And I don't wanna act that way
If I take somethin' for granted, I don't wanna give it back that way
Forreal, that's how sh*t get lost, let me chill
I like it better when I'm not talkin' over my thoughts, now listen

[Chorus: Emanny + Joe Budden]
I've done been down, been down, it's all for you
How you feelin' out there?
And I don't wanna get in your way
How everybody doin', alright?
Get you somethin' to drink

And I don't wanna get in your way
Get you somethin' to smoke, get you somethin' to light up
Whatever your vice is, we here though

Said this love is all for you
That sh*t don't be for everybody, man
Said this love is all for you

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Now the singers wanna rap, the rappers wanna sing
Personally I liked it better back when rappin' was a thing
'Cause now if you wanna get the high notes
When that hook come, you gotta hit the high notes
The label wanna sell singles
I'm sellin' a story and that'll just taint the message
Bad marriage, we ain't got the same objective
Still I'm here cause real n*ggas in the game respect it
Look, they like it better when I let 'em live rent free
I never knew that once it stopped we'd be enemies
And though I come off as heartless, n*gga
In spite of yourself, got love for you regardless, n*gga
Now listen, I liked you better when you wasn't in the spotlight
Was too addicted to it, said some sh*t was not right
So when you work so much I couldn't complain
'Til I learnt she was gateway escapin' from the pain
The strippers talk to me like I'm their therapist
That scares the good girls away, don't know the hell I get
Whatever thoughts you contrive, I can't help you with
But you've been tossin' it for a year and I derail the sh*t
I'm self made, I don't do what I'm told
The type that needs free reign, to be out of control
Forreal, 'cause when that's gone I'm lost, let me chill
I like it better when I'm not talkin' over my thoughts, word

[Chorus: Emanny + Joe Budden]
I've done been down, been down, it's all for you
Y'all don't understand me
I don't think they get it though

And I don't wanna get in your way
Don't know why you don't apply like, our experiences and sh*t
And I don't wanna get in your way
To like, my experiences with other people
Said this love is all for you, this love is all for you, ooh
Said this love is all for you

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