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Joe Budden


[Tsu Surf]
Constantly accomplishin' all of these new accomplishments
Sometimes I wake up
And feel like I ain't really accomplished sh*t
Honestly it's stressful
Thoughts as random as this b*tch that I'm next to
I know this conversation probably like pot to kettle
I need your opinion, I could possibly be trippin'
My conclusions all the same, it be like, "f*ck it or Smith'n"
I need logic, I got skeletons in my closet
Won't say I'm tryin' to clean it up, just sort it out
Sharin' with you sh*t that I thought about
Can't stop dreamin' 'bout
Joe, how I get these demons out?
Voices in my head, I need to scream it out
Man, I did bad things, I ain't proud and I ain't glad things
They was tryna press me, I gave 'em Jordan; that's mad rings
Buncha sh*t, tell me how you think I should handle it
Or manage it, f*ck, I wasn't ready for this camera sh*t
And grandma's sick, goddamn, man, grandma's sick
f*ck, I'm probably ramblin', sh*t, here I go ramblin'

[Joe Budden]
Somethin' gotta give with it
You don't get rid of your demons, you learn to live with it
4/5th in the capsule
Painkillers for the nights you get sick with it
Blinders over your eyes, my n*gga, sh*t's vivid
Get livid, sh*t twisted, it'll happen like a bad disaster
And n*ggas see you like a battle rapper
But you your own worst enemy, so when you leave Smack you have to have a real battle after

[Tsu Surf]
You right, but I lost three homies in like four weeks
Same place I call home, nothin' about Newark sweet
And I don't keep it on me just so I could hold heat
I keep it ‘cause the reaper layin' n*ggas in these cold streets
If I go, how my daughter gon' eat?
Who gon' tell her right from wrong?
How my mama gon' sleep?
Sheesh! They say when you speak it, you bring it in the flesh
Few of my n*ggas left, and I'm feelin' like a n*gga next

[Joe Budden]
My n*gga, stop it, you got time on your side like that Glock is
That paranoia got you obnoxious
Let me paint an angle:
You ain't lose friends, you gained angels
So before bed you should be sayin' thank you
And oh, far as your seed, just be there and stay put
I only see mine on my baby mother's Facebook
You got a hand in rap and one in the streets
Gotta be faithful to one when them two sides meet

[Tsu Surf]
Me and my baby mama tried to work it out again
Same results, was just runnin' her mouth again
Pushed me away, I won't lie, I dipped out again
Here I go tryin' to freshly paint an old house again
Do they always leave with more than they came with?
Text you like they changed
Turn around and be the same b*tch
Man, I need answers, Joe, I need answers

[Joe Budden]
Look, get you some sh*t to roll, a little cancer
Get you a stack of ones, a couple dancers
They'll make you king for the night, or maybe chancellor
She'll think you still in the hood, standin' on Chancellor
Baby mom's wild whenever they get to chance to
Useless arguments I never been a fan of
That's 18 years of dealin' with the banter
Restraining order, she'll violate if you don't ban her
That's payback for all the bullsh*t she think you hand her

[Tsu Surf]
Okay, well, Tylenol bottles full of Xans
Couple 100's, couple b*tches now, I guess I got plans
Can't let her get the best of me
First she say "f*ck it," now she paragraph textin' me
I'm the reason we like this, well, allegedly
Thoughts all scrambled, other b*tches keep eggin' me
Buggin' out, fall asleep
Creepin' turn to breakfast at another house
Wild sex with b*tches that barely give they number out
Always start with a chill
Before the sex, before the feelings, before sh*t get real
For real, I felt like I ain't need her
Felt sh*t change and started confidin' in Karisha
Swear it was somethin' I ain't mean to do
Then stopped givin' a f*ck
When I found out she cheated too—unbelievable!
Who coulda guessed a n*gga stressin' said F it?
Rebounds turned into a new possession, sh*t's gettin' hectic

[Joe Budden]
New possession, same shot clock
Funny wherever I go, them same thots watch
When in VIP unscrewin', playin' Cîroc top
So she think I'll jump for the box; playin' hopscotch
But I can't give you girl advice
Not when I used to use girls as a vice
sh*t, sex was a drug, the orgasm was a high on it's own, man
Knew they was addicted, they never got with the program
Or was it codependency?
In reverse, did I need them to depend on me?
Showin' unconditional love, no contingency
Though I knew it wouldn't last, I pretended to be
My aura never came off as apprehensive at least
So if you listenin', please don't take this offensively
It wasn't meant to be, you took a ride with the devil
Jekyll and Hyde, makes sense that I was hidin' Jekyll
They couldn't take it any longer from me
So it's odd they all moved around the corner from me
Maybe they hopin' we'll run into each other
That'll ruin you, sorta like a car to a deer
That's what y'all are to me, my dear
Do you sleep better knowin' that a part of me is near?
But I'm so outta love you gotta pardon if I care
I swear, the distaste stems from this space
I think the love is lost, they think it's misplaced

[Tsu Surf]
I think it's like, suddenly every b*tch got time
When I'm back home, I be feelin' like LeBron
They say, "You made it!"
I'm just thinkin' in my mind
Like I ain't made it 'til I made a safe haven for my mom
I think I f*cked up too many times
Don't think she fully understand the whole grind
Wonder if Alana know why daddy go
She can't get Doc mixed up as her daddy, bro

[Joe Budden]
I been there, playin' a role, couldn't take it
They told me you gotta fake it 'til you make it
Against my will I tried everything to embrace it
And then I transformed into everything that I hated
I always picture me spendin' bank in the district
Then I learned you get famous before you get rich
They'll think you ballin', you might have to bounce on
Dudes countin' your money
You thought that you could count on

[Tsu Surf]
Called my phone, tryin' to book me for a f*ckin' battle
I'm still havin' battles of my own
Some battles I don't feel strong enough to win
Even if I did, I rarely win them battles with Patron
So pessimistic, I need to stop it, this sh*t ain't easy
Alana called me, yellin': "Daddy! I see you on TV!"
Why I be feelin' stuck and sh*t
Like this money ain't cuttin' it?

[Joe Budden]
Different stages, different phases
Different animals, different cages
Different charges, that's different cases
Been the same me all along with different aces
Every month, different cops kill different faces
They indifferent, wish it was happenin' to different races
Different decade, can't tell we in different ages
Same gang, same result, just different places

[Tsu Surf]
I been tryin' to separate my wants from my needs
Mom said I'm like my pops
"That apple don't fall far from that tree."
I couldn't quote her
If he was anything like me we would definitely be closer
But she kinda got a point
Man, I need to roll another joint
So much come with that pop sh*t
Whoever confronted that pop sh*t
Deffo wish we was closer, I hate it, but I chuck it up
I was in the streets, a lost cause, I probably f*cked it up
I was younger though, that was just a lesson
He left him when he really needed protection
Say he and him, I hate sayin' us
Late nights I was stayin' up
Waitin', fell asleep, thinkin' I hate him
Cold hearted ‘cause I gotta be, he ain't have to lie to me
Man, why this sh*t even still bother me?

[Joe Budden]
Hold up, we all been fatherless
At thirteen I thought mine ain't wanna be bothered with
But life come at you fast
Buckle up or get buckled, there'll be harder hits
Learn to guard your sh*t, regardless of what is
Far as demons, gotta live with monsters at the crib
I got experience—you need a n*gga, holla at the kid
And I'll tell you how to grow up better than myself
Just some lessons that nobody knows better than myself

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