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Joe Budden

"On My Grind"

[Intro - Joe Budden - talking]
Uh, can't even really be rap
You can't even really act like you gotta get it in without a, uh
(Wait a minute), yeah!
c*cksuckers! (oh yeah), pause, hahaha
(Uh, mic check one two, one two) - 4X
It's ya man, Joey!
Reportin live from the slums (wait a minute!)
Reportin live from the belly of the beast (wait a minute!)
Reportin live from a hood near you (it's, it's)
Or maybe not so near you
Now, l-look, look

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
First off, I'm not competin, I'm more like stampedin, I'm more like steamrollin (or)
More like puttin my foot on the neck of the game until I see it chokin
I hold on for dear life (I mean, uh), the flow is air tight and the bars are bar none
Regarded as the one, f**k music, it's a art to son
Let's rewind, see, I was born in the projects, left for a new hood
Jetted to a new state, lookin for a new pace
Diamond in the rough, I stood out amongst the fugaz'
Swear a friend a mine headlined every news page (cheah), with dreams of bein wealthy
You now checkin out the New Jersey version of Peter Petrelli
But wait, with a little Travis Barker on the side
Cause when it all falls down, I normally survive
I'm tryin to see a new tax bracket, so I'll never have to grab 'matics
I ain't concerned with no rap racket (ah!)
So y'all could take my name through the mud and drag it
Spread it to the masses, (I'm a), I still play it passive (yeah!)
I got no choice but walk around with the lead on me
Life is way too short, too many dead homies (or)
Plus with all the money I invest, everyday a n***a die for less (so)
So if a n***a wanna go to war, wave hi to death
I mean he lives right next to me, so he ain't a threat to me

[Hook] (Joe Budden) - w/ ad libs
He's a beast, he's a monster, he is insane
He's an animal, he cannot be tamed
What rapper you know, that straight feast on a lame
And rock on a track, beast on the game

(Damn right I'm on my grind
Look like some sh*t is on my mind) - 2X

[Verse 2 - Joe Budden]
I'm still livin life in the fast lane (oh!)
Still plottin on my big money scheme like he Wesley and Woody thinkin
How to rob a cash train
sh*ttin on hoes that'll act vain
'Til the whole world know his last name (wait a minute!)
Still spit like it ain't no tomorrow
It ain't over y'all, underrated so I overcharge
Old Dodge, radio off, f**k a station
Get to know me through the music, not a publication (nah)
It's no justification, (but a), I mean enough with the waitin (I mean I)
I lost all my trust and my patience
That came without the crown or the chair or the robe
n***a, I don't care what you sold (wait a minute!)
They let the beast out of the cage, look at the hunger
Got yourself into some sh*t, look at the plunger
I'm talkin cause I'm livin it (oh!)
Entrepreneur Steve Rifkind sh*t, though a few haters wanna hinder it
I'm comin with some different sh*t
And these offices all about my paper, that's that Dunder Mifflin sh*t
Rapper on 'roids, sick with the thoughts (but)
But managed to keep my name out the Mitchell Report
See I'm a, inspiration for a whole generation
Even when I'm gone but my message in syndication
Then you too can attain the unattainable (but)
But f**k tryin to explain the unexplainable

[Break - Joe Budden - talking]
n***a, f**k
Uh, done talkin to these n***as
Who the f**k am I to try to explain some sh*t to n***as?
I ain't no f**kin professor or nothin, I ain't a teacher
I ain't one of the old heads that get high and just start kickin knowledge
f**k n***as!
Get your own experience n***a
Don't lean on me

[Hook] - w/ ad libs

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