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Joe Budden

"The Soul"

[Verse 1]
Same characters but the show's different
Just listen, it feels like the soul went missing
I remember copping that compact disc just to take off the wrapping
It was more then rapping
Read credits, till every name's embedded
One day, I'm a be just like them, bet it!
One day, I'm a come and lace the team
With their favorite things when I grace the screen, coasting!
I mean, it's nothing like what I was hoping
No emotion, we just going through the motions
I used to watch the videos just to see the new sh*t
Wanted to see it first, I thought I'd be exclusive
Remember getting hyped off my first Casio
Suped up writing my first verse, it was ass though
Acappella, no beat and a bad flow
Damn I miss the good ol' days, when we had soul

[Verse 2]
I remember each day putting my fav song on replay
But my tape deck would always eat tapes
I'd put my finger in the middle trying to fix it
Just for the sh*t to end up sounding twisted
Pressing clothes before school, I was matching
Liked the girl in class, got mad when she was absent
Wasn't a baller and I ain't have no game
So what could I do besides ignore her?
Or,my first fight with no brothers to get
I remember being scared as sh*t and he had all this lip
And I ain't have hands not a bit
Just knew that I ain't wanna get hit
So staring at the clock, I ain't trying to see 3 o'clock hit
But I never found the back door
Him? He ended up with a tapped jaw
As for me? I ended up with that bad broad
Damn, I miss the good ol' days, I wish we had more

[Verse 3]
Maybe I'm feeling like a kid today
I mean, I used to want to have a house party watching House Party, Kid & Play
I had the low tops, kicks and the fades
I remember my first piece of ass from a hot chick
Surprised she gave it to me, was shocked I got it
Ol' girl image of me was all ruined
Had to be thinking "the f*ck's this boy doing?"
So hard I flirted just to be all nervous
Wish she could see me now, I'm so perverted
I tell her "I'm so glad I found you
Are you ready for round two? Or can I mount you?"
In old pics I used to look like a clown dude
When I had know idea what I'd amount to
A n*gga used to be out of control
Man, I miss the good ol' days, when we had soul

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