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Joe Budden

"Angel in My life"

[Phone Conversation]
B: Hello
Mike: Ayo b what's hood yo
B: What's going on mike
Mike: Aye I've been trying to get in touch with mouse, you spoke to him lately
B: What you mean I spoke to him you ain't hear
Mike: Naw
B: n*gga got dragged out his house in a f*cking straight jacket
Mike: For what
B: Cause he talking about killing himself and taking people with him
Mike: You lying
B: Then they found mad drugs in his system man this n*gga's gone he's lost yo

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Let look behind the Swarovski crystals
Behind the 50 calibers and the pistols
Misuse pardon self gotta excuse my issues
For me just to have them a ritual
But I ain't as crazy as I seem to be
It's just that nothing is the way that is seems to me
I'm feeling less than drugging him up with anti-depressants
In essence I'm threatening my character assessment
Truth told, I figure a few hoes mixed with some new clothes
Should cover my loop holes
If I'm misunderstood or misguided
Started when they passed the L, said, "Just try it"
When I don't want to get out of bed I just fight it
Sometimes I don't eat for days I just diet
Only live once so if I just like it
I ain't even checking the price I just buy sh*t
I'm thinking that will just hide it
But all it takes is life to ignite sh*t
Thinking bout death wondering how I'm gone go
I can't be insane for just wanting to know
In my head I die often, I use to think of suicide often
Good suit on and a nice coffin
But that ain't something I would try myself
Still they locked me in this room all by myself
I need a, I think I need a...

[Phone Conversation]
Mike: I can't even believe this sh*t you saying right now
Yo that don't even sound like mouse
B: just like we was at the club the other night
This n*gga ran out the club start shooting my man up
Mike: word!!!
B: For no reason then this n*gga talking about he's the only one who can save him
The apocalypse is coming and he's the savior of all mankind
Mike: that's crazy
B: that n*gga ain't his self no more

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
They say my symptoms are aggressive
They title me a compulsive obsessive slash manic depressive
They tryna tell me that I'm a con and I game n*ggas
That's one reason I don't even entertain n*ggas
Not important who they are I won't name n*ggas
They like to say I have a tendency to blame n*ggas
I keep f*cking sh*t up but keep trying
If ya'll would just trust me I wouldn't just keep lying
If I had bread I wouldn't be in debt
Let me clarify get in-depth
I feel like every time I been less, whenever I invest
Whenever I am set, I feel like I'm inept
I try to make 'em understand but they just won't [?]
I'm telling 4 million other I am the template
There ain't a book that tells a story there is no index
We got some different type of cuts and no there not princess
All this indigest seemingly endless
How I take in stress when I always went best
Aching in my chest yet and still it won't break me
They say the room's padded for my own safety
But the cushion don't soften sh*t
They locked the door but still they let my thoughts in it
And no one can tell me why I'm here
I can't even see the sky from here, I guess my time is near

[Phone Conversation]
Mike: ayo we really need to go see that n*gga yo
B: hum... I don't know we could do that but last time I saw him
He wasn't looking good they had him in the room
I.V.'s all in his arm looking like he was in a daze like his body was there
Mike: you spoke to him
B: Mentally he was gone they wouldn't let me near him
They had a guard by him on 24 hour watch
Had all these prescriptions he was taking
Mike: damn yo that's ain't even him
B: I don't know what's going on with that n*gga
I just gotta keep him in my prays hope everythings good

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