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Joe Budden

"Don’t Make Me"

[Intro: Joe Budden]
Whoa, mic check one-two one-two
Mic check one-two one-two
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'd like to welcome e'rybody (welcome e'rybody)
To the, to the, to the
L-look, look, l-look, look

[Joe Budden]
Top down with the fresh cut
With A. Baker through the speakers (I mean) "Best Of"
A crisp white tee, I'm still feelin dressed up (why?)
Everything else LV, don't get me messed up
A good pair of shades on, you gon' always see me in disguise
Not for style, I don't want you to see in my eyes
Live for now (but) but tell God hurry my plans
You see I just had to bury my man
Us two was on some brother sh*t (look)
But if I learned anything
If you take life for granted it'll grant you some other sh*t
I know I can't be the only one troubled with
I talk 'bout hardship like I discovered it (but I)
Though I had enough of it (but I) still won't cut a wrist
I just wrote the book, he published it
Simply read holdin back the years
Cause when I stray it looked like he holdin back some tears, he sayin

[Hook: sample]
Don't make me cry, no no
Don't you make me cry...
Don't you make me cry, no no
Don't you make me cry...

[Joe Budden]
L-look, look (oh!)
Sometimes I feel like it's a ghost behind me (look)
Nudge in my back, got the toast behind me
Clockin my every move, takin notes behind me
Crowd laughing, there must be a "Roast" behind me
But the boy won't bend (never)
Though the road to the riches is startin to look like it don't end
(But still) I'm on 9-5 speedin, truly love it
No idea where I'm goin, that's the beauty of it
But still I'm here waitin on a sign
Or a F.Y.I. to be notified
Cause (WHY, WHY?) Do it matter what he got
In store for n*ggas if they too broke to buy
I know I want heart, my back carryin some tons y'all
From the devil's bedroom onto his front yard
Pop up in the backseat and keys the chauffeur
Let 'em know before I hop out with him on my shoulder, I said


[Joe Budden - over Hook]
Dawg, muh'f*cker don't
Uhh, l-look, don't, nah
Uhh, uh uh, uhh
Mic check one-two one-two
Mic, one, two - let me holla at 'em

[Joe Budden]
Wouldn't be smart to tangle wit'cha guardian angel
Not when he gotta strangle from every angle, head to ankles
Get mangled, so though I ain't got sh*t (what?)
My eyes everywhere, on my Stuart Scott sh*t
Tryin to be fly every second that the clock tick (BUT)
But there's a suicide bomber in the c*ckpit (look here)
See my intent is to be content
But that's contingent, off fly hoes jewels engines (uhh)
Since momma conceived me
Me and dude been stuck in a me-lee
He's tellin me I gotta ball like Beasley (uhh)
But I can give a f*ck how a n*gga perceives me
So until God retrieves me
I'm followin behind the n*gga that misleads me
If need be, bounce from where he tryin to keep me
But every time I try he tells me that he needs me, he said

[Hook] w/ ad libs

[Joe Budden]
Uh-uh, uh
Stick around, we like...
Stuck in a padded room

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